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10 kinds of vegetables that dogs can eat

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10 kinds of vegetables that dogs can eat

We often say that eating more vegetables is good for your health. Can the dog eat a lot of vegetables in large quantities? In fact, dogs can't eat all the vegetables. Ideally, the amount of vegetable material in the dog's diet should not exceed 25% of the total. The type of vegetables also needs careful selection. Petstar below introduces ten kinds of vegetables that dogs can eat.

What vegetables can the dog eat?


The broccoli is rich in vitamins, calcium and fiber, but ideally the amount of broccoli should be less than 10% of the dog's diet. Feed the dog a small amount of cooked broccoli, which helps digestion, broccoli stems can be a dangerous thing, especially for puppies, so it is recommended to cut the broccoli into small pieces and cook.


Spinach contains the antioxidants and iron needed by dogs and also contains a certain amount of vitamin K. A small amount of food helps maintain bone health and growth. However, because some dogs don't like the taste of spinach, you can add a small amount of spinach to the dog's diet and let them get used to it.


A small amount of cabbage can help the dog to digest and improve the dog's skin. If the dog's skin is dry or rough, a small amount of cabbage can help reduce skin irritation and promote healthy skin growth.


Carrots can properly clean the dog's teeth and gums to a certain extent to prevent dog tartar from accumulating. For dogs that hate cleaning teeth, try feeding them with carrot sticks to help clean. However, it is still very important to insist on brushing your teeth with a toothbrush.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are low-calorie foods, but because sweet potatoes are full of starch, the amount of feeding should be limited. If it is too frequent, it is also not conducive to the health of dogs.


A small amount of zucchini can increase the healthy growth of the dog's skin and fur and help them lose weight. Try adding a small amount of zucchini to the dog food. But if your dog is picky eaters, zucchini may not be a good food, because the taste and texture of zucchini may disgust them.

Cucumber slices

Due to the high potassium content of cucumber, a small amount of food has certain benefits for tooth and bone growth. When paired with carrots, cucumber is also beneficial to the health of the liver and kidneys.

Haricot vert

Green beans are a nutritious vegetable with a low calorie content. It is most suitable for the main snacks during the dog's weight loss, but to be cooked and eaten, the raw green beans contain toxic substances.


Celery is nutritious and tastes crisp and delicious. The most important thing is to help the little ones clean their mouth. But one thing that the dog owner should pay special attention to is that it must be cut into small pieces as much as possible. Otherwise, the fibrous tissue in the celery can easily cause them to suffocate.

Sweet pepper

Note that it is a sweet pepper instead of a pepper. Sweet peppers are helpful for cataracts and other eye diseases of older dogs. If the dog owner wants to feed, remember to cook and chop it, and the seeds inside must be removed.


Pumpkin is a good vegetable, but the pumpkin itself still contains a lot of sugar. So when making food for the little ones, try to choose the simplest steaming, and there is no need to do too complicated operations.

Most of the dog's digestive tract can't break down vegetables like us. It may prefer to chopped and cooked vegetables, but dogs can't eat too many herbs, spices, and can't eat too much oil or onion cooked vegetables. Have you learned about the vegetables that dogs can eat?

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