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9 performances when dogs are happy

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9 performances when dogs are happy

Introduction: This article mainly introduces the performance of dogs is happy.

The body language of the dog needs to be observed in all directions, and we all want the dog to speak - this makes it easier to get along with them. But although dogs don't talk, it doesn't mean they can't use their actions to convey their feelings. The following 10 performances allow you to judge whether a dog is happy.

1.Changing eyes

According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), "When dogs are relaxed and happy, their eyes are more normal." Observe the condition of the eyes when the dog does different things at different times of the day. You will find that you are different and better able to understand the dog's mind.

2. Relaxing mouth

ASPCA also recommends that the owner observe the dog's mouth. "When the dog relaxes and happily, its mouth will close for a while and then open slightly." Similarly, pay attention to the dog's body language and read the dog's condition. If the dog opens his mouth and gasps, it may be a sign of stress and does not mean that the dog is happy.

3. Relaxed body

The body language of the dog should be seen from the overall physical condition of the dog---is its muscles relaxed? When a dog plays with a toy and a frisbee, if it feels happy, the weight of the body will be evenly distributed throughout the body.

4. Not destructive

Destructive usually stems from boredom... Are you happy when you are bored? Usually not. Therefore, a full-fledged dog will reduce the behavior of biting your shoes or sofa. Instead, it will bite its own toy. If you prepare a new toy for it, it will be happier. Petstar offers a variety of dog toys, TPR/rubber/latex/vinyl/plush toy, etc. We have all you want.

5. Good appetite

Although some dogs are a "picker", happy dogs want to eat more. If your dog refuses food, there must be something wrong, or it may be suffering from loneliness.


Dogs are not cats. They don't need to sleep for 20 hours a day. Of course age and health are an influential factor, but happy dogs move around the clock – in order to explore the surroundings. Bite toys and so on. If your dog is always quiet, there may be something wrong with it.

7. Seek attention

Happy dogs are willing to spend time with their families and will seek the attention of their owners. Will the dog greet you when you return home? Happy dogs will be excited about eating, you, walking, etc. Of course, because the dog's personality will behave differently, but in most cases, a happy dog will stick to the owner.

8. Lying down and showing belly

For animals, the stomach is very fragile and soft and needs to be protected very carefully. If the dog lie down in front of you and reveals your belly for you to touch, it means that they are very happy and trusting at this time, they are willing to show you the softest part of you.

9. Sleep well

When sleeping, does the dog choose a comfortable place and let him chase the squirrel or eat bacon in his sleep? The happy way the dog sleeps must be good. Dogs under stress will wake up frequently and look for new places to continue to sleep. These dogs can't completely relax themselves into deep sleep, which is most likely due to health problems. Consult a doctor and/or trainer to make the dog happy and relaxed to ensure the quality of their sleep.

What is your performance when your dog is happy? Welcome to share with us.

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