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A few things you need to know before raising a cat

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A few things you need to know before raising a cat


Through the previous article we know how to take care of the newborn kitten, but do you know the living habits of the pet cat? Do you know the essential items and precautions for cats? This article tells you the answer.

The living habit of cat

1.A pet cat has its own habits of life. We must follow its living habits and regularly feed it. Pet cats don't like to eat in noisy places, and the place where cat food is placed should be fixed.

2.The owner should carry out timely and appropriate feeding according to the growth stage and physiological condition of the pet cat.

3. The pet cat's utensils should be fixed, and don't change it at will. Pet cats are very sensitive to changes in eating tools and often refuse to eat due to changes in the food tray. It is also important to keep the pet cat's feeding tools clean.

4. Pet cats are generally small in size and relatively small in food intake. We should pay more attention to the comprehensive nutrition and balance of feed. You can go to the pet store to buy pet-specific foods. Pet cats generally prefer warm foods. Cold foods can affect the appetite of pet cats.

Cat essential items

Cat food

Cats must first solve the problem of eating to survive. Cat food is the primary purchase item for cats.

For cat food, it is recommended to choose natural food. Natural food refers to cat food made from natural ingredients such as fresh chicken, beef, mutton, vegetables, whole wheat flour, and cellulose. It does not contain any artificial pigments or additives.

If the cat is less than 6 months and needs to buy baby cat food, cat food should be careful not to contain too much salt, otherwise the kidney burden is heavy.

Cat sand

Cat litter is an object used by cats to bury feces and urine. It has good water absorption and is generally used with cat toilets.

The common cat litter on the market mainly includes pine sand, bentonite sand, crystal sand, bean curd sand, charcoal sand and paper sand.

Cat litter is divided into agglomerates and no agglomerations. After the cat litter absorbs urine or feces, it will form a mass, which is easier to clean and can be shoveled with a cat litter. If the cat litter is not in the urine, it will not be agglomerated. After the cat has a bowel movement, it can be shoveled out and replaced after use.

Cat toilet

The cat toilet is a basin for cat litter. It is used to prevent cats from being excreted everywhere. If you don't want cat litter to be found everywhere, you can choose to cover the closed one and cover the smell.

The cat toilet should be cleaned frequently, and the cat litter should be cleaned at least once a day. When cleaning the cat pot, you should avoid using a irritating or special smelling detergent, wash it and make sure it is tasteless, or the cat may refuse to use it.

Cat milk powder

Cats within 3 months do not eat cat food. They need to drink special cat milk powder. After flushing, they are fed with a needle.

Cat nail scissors

Cat claws are the weapons of cats. Cats like to find claws, chairs, door corners and other places to grind their claws. Cat claws are too sharp, easy to scratch people or catch flowers. Regular nail cutting to cats can prevent your furniture from being damaged.

Cat toy

Cats are interested in things that make sounds and circles. Funny cat sticks can quickly catch the cat's attention and make it excited to bite. There are many kinds of cat toys, you can visit our official website to see more cat toys.

Cat bowl

It includes a dish and a drinking tray. The utensils are generally made of ceramics, stainless steel, and plastic. Plastics are easy to breed bacteria, can not be hot, stainless steel will rust for a long time, it is recommended ceramics, it is easy to clean, cats are not easy to kick.


Precautions for feeding cats

Deworming: Cats regularly deworming is an important part of protecting the health of cats.

Vaccine: Cats are vaccinated for 3 months. A total of three needles. Do not take a bath during the vaccination.

Cold: Cold is a common respiratory disease in cats. An acute systemic disease mainly caused by inflammation of the respiratory mucosa. If the treatment is not timely, it can cause inflammation of the trachea, bronchus and lungs.


What else should I pay attention to in raising cats? We bring together people from all over the world who like pets and welcome to communicate with us.


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