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A professional cat food purchase guide

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A professional cat food purchase guide

Today, Petstar gives you a general knowledge about cat food purchase. We introduce you from the classification of cat food, purchase considerations, brand rankings, etc., let’s step into the cat food world!

What is cat food?

Cat food is a general term for food eaten by cats. Cat food can exercise and clean the cat's teeth, and to some extent have oral health benefits. Cat food is generally easy to store, easy to use, greatly saves feeding time and caters to a fast-paced lifestyle.

What are the classifications of cat food?

Cat food mainly consists of dry and wet food.

According to the age of the cat, it can be divided into baby cat food, adult cat food and old cat food, as well as special cat foods for different body conditions, such as sterilization cat food, beauty cat food and so on. Cat food has a wide variety of tastes and a variety of choices for cats with different tastes.

The cat food we refer to is usually referred to as dry food. Compared to cans and snacks, dry foods are more nutritious and easy to store and not susceptible to deterioration. Dry food is rich in fiber, which is beneficial to defecation and can reduce the odor of cat feces, while chewing dry food can effectively prevent cat calculus.

Precautions for selecting cat food

1. Taking health as the main criterion, it is not the more expensive the cat food, the better it is. It depends on whether the cat's physique is suitable.

2. Try to buy some dry cat food without animal or poultry by-products. The meat is the best choice, and the type of meat, such as chicken and lamb, should be listed.

3. It is best to choose a cat food that is treated with natural preservatives (most commonly vitamin C and vitamin E), but note that many natural preservatives have a shorter shelf life than chemical preservatives. Pay attention to the effectiveness of the product when purchasing. the term. The average dry food storage period is 1 year to 2 years, please be careful to see the last date of consumption on the package.

4. Carefully study the dry food ingredients and nutrients printed on the package for reference. For example, for a cat, the proportion of fat should not be too high, especially for domestic cats with low exercise. Some dry cat foods on the market are also produced according to the different needs of cats, such as hair removal formula, gastrointestinal sensitive formula, skin sensitive formula and so on. The owner can choose according to different needs.

5. Observe the cat's response to dry food. After 6-8 weeks of feeding, judge from the growth of hair, nails, weight, large/urinal and overall health to determine that cat food is suitable for cats. If the cat is fed with new cat food and the fur is dull and dry, it may be that the cat is allergic to the ingredients of this cat food, or the nutrition is not suitable.

Cat food brands

1.RoyalCanin - started in 1967, it belongs to the world's leading food manufacturer Mars, the top ten brands of pet food, it is the leader of healthy nutrition pet food.

2.ProPlan - Founded in 1986, it is dominated by dog dry food and dried cat food, Nestlé Purina's high-end pet food brand, and large multinational companies.

3.Petstar - a high-quality pet snack manufacturing expert, a professional pet products company integrating production, processing and sales, and a well-known pet zero food brand.

4.Ramical - specializes in the development, production and sales of animal and animal health products, and a comprehensive health solution provider for pets.

The above is about the purchase of cat food, we hope that you can have fun with you cats every day! If you need any cat products, please contact us in time.

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