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Arduino UNO Projects You Can Try 2022

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1. Arduino Instrument

Would you like to use gesture control and hand waves to control your Arduino UNO? With this project you will use a board called Flick.

With Flick, the possibilities are endless! You can control your computer, TV, music system and more with the flick of your wrist! In this project, Flick and an Arduino UNO will be used to create an instrument!

2. Arduino Robot

An obstacle avoidance robot is a smart device that automatically senses obstacles ahead and avoids them by turning in another direction. The application of obstacle avoidance robots is not limited, it is used in many military activities, rescue activities, etc., they can help perform many dangerous jobs that humans cannot do.

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3. Arduino Universal Remote

Faced with a large number of electrical appliances at home, you always need different remote controls, and the universal remote control can help you solve this problem. With this project, you can convert a normal Keyes infrared (IR) remote into a programmable universal remote.

4. Arduino Alarm Security System

Security systems are often expensive to set up and expensive to maintain. You can create your own cheap system using Arduino and some other modules! With this project, you will create a laser tripwire alarm system that will sound as soon as the laser beam is cut and won't stop until a button is pressed, which is cheap and easy to use.

5. Arduino Automatic Plant Watering System

An automatic watering system would be a great idea for someone who wants to keep plants but doesn't have the time to care for them. The Arduino Automatic Plant Watering System will automatically provide your plants with an adjustable amount of water every day, even with artificial sunlight to keep your plants healthy.

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