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Best VR Sports Game-Part Two

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In our previous article we introduced some popular VR sports games, now we will continue to introduce you to some other VR sports games.

1. First-person tennis

The controller in VR has a very convenient shape that happens to be almost the same as a tennis racket. Therefore, tennis games are naturally the first choice for VR sports. First Person Tennis has several modes available for arcade experience or full simulation, and it gives you as close to the real tennis experience as you can find it.

2. Sports Scramble

Sports Scramble offers you sports like baseball, tennis and bowling, and it's unique in that you can choose to play each sport with balls used in other sports. For example, when playing tennis, your racket might turn into a fishing rod when you try to hit the ball over the net. When bowling, your ball might turn into a fish. It's a really fun idea that provides hours of fun.

3. Sparc

Sparc introduces you to a brand new sport where you need to use your shield to throw or smash balls at your opponent's target. They can hit the ball back at you and try to score it themselves. You can throw the ball from the ceiling. It's such a simple concept that works so beautifully in VR and really introduces you to the future of gaming and how sports might be played at scale.

VR sports (2)

4. 2MD: VR Football Evolution

Football is such a complex sport that it seems hard to have a better experience in VR, but VR Football Evolution has created the best VR football experience yet.

5. The Thrill of the Fight

Boxing has always been a sport that is almost impossible to get in the form of a video game. But The Thrill of the Fight arrives and changes that, offering one of the most intense and immersive experiences in all of VR. You can train with the bag, track your punching power and speed, fight for the championship, or fight other fighters. Your battles can range from easy to extremely difficult, depending on the difficulty you're playing on and who you're fighting against. The amount of dodging, dodging, and slamming you'll be doing will not only give you the best workout in VR, but one of the most intense workouts of your life.

Combining VR and sports is a very good gaming experience. If you are also interested in these, you might as well give it a try.

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