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Bringing Home Your New Dog: Preparing And Precautions

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Bringing Home Your New Dog: Preparing And Precautions

Like most ordinary people, dogs that have just changed to a new environment will also have a situation of "acclimatization", a condition known as stress response. Stress is a non-specific defense adaptation response in which the body responds to sudden or urgent conditions. How to avoid the occurrence of stress reactions, pet owners need to pay attention to the following points.


Many dogs have just arrived at their new home, and the pet owners have been able to wash them with Mashan. In fact, this kind of behavior is not good for dogs! Dogs may have fears, nervousness, etc. when they first arrive at their new home. At this time, their immunity is very low, and they are rushing to bathe them and easily cause problems such as colds. Therefore, if you feel that the dog is dirty or has a large taste, you can temporarily limit the activity area or use the dry cleaning powder to clean it. When the deworming immunity is completed, take a bath in a completely healthy condition.


Cute dogs always want to eat the food in the owner's mouth. If you want to give it something delicious or give it to your food, then this behavior is wrong. The gastrointestinal tract of dogs is very fragile. If the pet is not eating properly, it will cause diarrhea, vomiting and so on. The best diet for dogs is cool white water plus dog food. You can drink some pet-specific goat milk. Prepare a dedicated food bowl and water bowl and place it on the table mat to develop good eating habits for the dog.


Dogs are naturally naughty, and many times they don't notice the danger. At this time, the owner protects them while playing with the dog. To avoid playing at high places, keep dogs away from screens, balconies, tables. When the dog is not fully immunized, the owner should reduce the time the dog stays outdoors. The owner can prepare some plush toys or bite toys, prepare new dog beds and pet bags, so that pets can reduce anxiety and adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.


Some pet owners are eager to do immunity and deworming when they are in their new home. In this case, immunity is not acceptable. Insects and worms should be carried out before and after vaccination, but it should be noted that small babies should choose carefully to prevent the drug ingredients from harming them. Seven to ten days after the deworming, the vaccine can only be injected if the dog is completely healthy.

The little pet who just arrived at the new home needs the owner's patience and care. Have you learned the above precautions? If this article is helpful to you, please forward it to more people in need.

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