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Can cat eat fruit?

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Can cat eat fruit?

The answer is that cats can eat fruit, but not all fruit!


Fruits are rich in vitamins, trace elements, water and so on. A small amount of fruit consumption is good for the cat's body, but some fruits can lead to poisoning of the cat.

What kind of fruit can a cat eat?


Fruit that cats can eat:

1. Apple

Apples are rich in vitamin, protein and crude fiber, a small amount of food can help the cat recuperate intestines and stomach and digest the food. (Note: Apple nuclear cat is inedible!)


2. Watermelon

Watermelon contains a lot of water, has a wealth of glucose, fructose, tomato and vitamin C and other substances. (Note: Remember to seed before feeding, the cat to avoid eating by mistake)



3. Banana

Bananas are high in protein, trace elements, such as carbohydrates, rich in dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis of cats.


4. Papaya

Papaya contains abundant enzymes and antioxidants that can help digestion, supplement the cat daily needs. (Note: Remember to before feeding seeds)



5 blueberries

Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and minerals in resistance to acidification, on the cat's body is very goode(Note: Be sure to feed fresh blueberry, don't feed the blueberry thousand fruit)


Although cats can eat these fruit, but we must control the feeding, because contain fructose in fruit, so do not feed the in great quantities.

Cats can't eat the fruit


1. Grapes

Grapes and raisins, blackcurrant, containing unknown toxin, even a small amount, can also cause the cat poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, severe renal failure would happen.



2. Avocado

Avocado, also called avocados. These toxins can lead to digestive problems cat, fever, difficulty breathing, etc., a large number of consumption of avocado, serious can lead to the cat died.

(for some cat food contains avocado component refers to "extracted oily beneficial ingredients", this kind of composition contains no toxin, and beneficial to the hair and liver cat, so you don't think the cat can eat avocado.)



3. Citrus

Belongs to such as orange, orange, grapefruit, lemon citrus, this kind of fruit can stimulate the cat's intestines and stomach. If the cat exposure or edible orange orange oil, easy to cause the cat cell necrosis, vomiting, and even death.




4. Carambola

Carambola potassium content is exorbitant, cat food have the risk of acute renal failure.


5 · loquat

Group of Ba seeds contain cyanide, easy to cause the cat poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.


Introduced above, is part of the common fruit, does not include all of them. I also compiled a more comprehensive picture, covering up to 35 species of fruit, has the need to save oh.





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