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DS1307 clock module

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It can count seconds, hours, minutes, days of each month, months and weeks, and has the function of leap year compensation. Record 2100 years on the line.

DS1307 clock module

Product introduction

DS1307 is a low-power all-BCD code clock calendar real-time clock chip with 56 bytes of nonvolatile RAM. The address and data are transmitted through a two-wire bidirectional serial bus. The chip can provide information such as seconds, minutes and hours, and the number of days in each month can be automatically adjusted. The AM/PM flag determines whether the clock works in 24-hour or 12-hour mode. The chip has a built-in power sensing circuit, which has the functions of power failure detection and battery switchin.

Product parameters

Parameter type Characteristics
Specification 22×30mm
Positioning aperture 3mm
Control signal Serial signal
Working voltage 3.3-5V
Interface 4P
Line sequence G V SCL SD
packet 24C32 32K EEPROM
Indicator light Red LED

Single chip microcomputer wiring





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