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Do you know how to feed cat ?

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Do you know how to feed cat ?

This article is mainly about the cat's first big thing: eat! I hope everyone understands that the cat does not eat as much as possible, and it is not as fat as possible! A cat that is too fat is prone to getting sick! Therefore, regular feeding is the best feeding method, which is described in detail below.

Cat eating environment

Cats are very picky when they eat: they like fresh food and don't eat much, but eat it many times, the cat food bowl should be clean, and eat in an environment away from noisy and no strong light.

Cat eating site

The ideal way is to find a fixed feeding location where the cat can eat without interference. Place a large plate, mat or newspaper under the cat food bowl to catch the spilled food. Don't feed cats outdoors, because in the open air, food is prone to spoilage, and mice may be recruited.

Feeding bowl for cats

There should be three hard plastic or glazed bowls (pots): one for the food bowl, one for the water bowl, and one for the milk bowl. Each cat uses its own bowl. Every time you feed it, it should be cleaned and not put together with other bowls in your home.

How much should the cat feed

Scientists have calculated that the daily requirement for a cat's protein-to-protein diet is 14 grams of protein per 450 grams. However, this is only a theoretical requirement. In fact, like humans, cats have a lot of food, so they can only be used.

The times of cat feeding

Because cats “must” eat fresh food and water, the main principle of feeding is to eat less. This will avoid waste. Because the cat smells sensitive, if it smells like food is old, it will go away and not eat.

What should I do if my cat has poor appetite?

A cat without appetite is not necessarily sick, it may be irritating due to travel, or the effects of hot and humid weather. Another reason why cats don't eat may be that the food has deteriorated, because the cat's sense of smell is very sharp, even if it is a slightly smelling meat or a chemical produced by the fish, it can smell it immediately. If the cat is not willing to eat fresh food for a long time, then the cat may be sick. If the cat does not want to eat for more than 24 hours, it should be taken to the pet hospital.

What should be contraindicated in cat food?

1. Don't feed the cats with the meat sold by the old and weak livestock. The meat bacteria may be many.

2. Don't feed cats with the bones of poultry. These bones are small and fragile and can catch the cat's throat.

3. Don’t feed the cat with raw protein, because it contains antibiotic protein, this chemical can neutralize the vitamin, so that the cat can not get the necessary vitamins.

4. Feed the cat to eat eggs no more than two a week.

6. Cats with bladder disease should not eat dry food.

7. Don't feed cats with dog food because the meat (protein) ingredients are not high enough.

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