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Do you know how to feed dogs at different stages?

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Do you know how to feed dogs at different stages?

Compared to people, the life of a dog is much shorter. When we choose to bring the dog home, we are responsible for the dog's entire life. Do you know the feeding methods and precautions for dogs at different stages? This article helps you better feed your dog.

About 50 days after birth

This stage can be completely weaned.

Method of converting weaning into dog food;

1. Add sufficient amount of warm water to the puppies and dogs to soften the dry dog food;

2. Use a small spoon to crush the dog's food, then add some powdered milk powder for dogs, or baby rice noodles to supplement a large amount of calcium and help the dog to adapt to the transition;

3. Gently stir the above food into a paste, and the delicious weaned dog food is made.

In general, the dog's food after weaning determines the future eating habits. After 2 months of birth, the puppies' deciduous teeth are basically long and should be gradually replaced with puppies. Initially add a small amount of puppies and dogs to the weaned food and feed 3-4 times a day. Then gradually increase the proportion of puppies and dog food until the end is all replaced with puppies and dog food. The number of feedings should be gradually reduced. After 6 months of birth, it should be reduced to 2-3 times a day.

2-5 months after birth

This stage is a period of cultivating good eating habits for dogs. If too much dog feeding and snacks are given at this time, it will make it lose interest in dry dog food.

If you plan to feed your dog with dog food, it is best not to feed it human food. If you want the dog to eat dry dog food all the time, don't use it to mix it with dog food at this stage. Puppy dog food contains higher calories and more nutrients than adult dog food. It is small in size and easier to eat.

Adult dog

Adult dogs are strong and have a good gastrointestinal function. So at this stage, you don't need a small amount of meals to feed. You can feed two or three meals a day.

After the dog feeds, observe whether the dog is full or eaten too much. When the dog's stomach is not very swollen and not very embarrassing, then the food that may be eaten is just right, the next feeding amount Give the dog a meal based on such a weight.

For adult dogs, whether feeding one or two meals a day, the feeding principle is to use a fixed pet bowl to hold a fixed amount of dog food for feeding at a fixed time.

Old age

Here are some signs that older dogs will appear:

Changes in weight, inconvenience in movement; changes in hearing and vision; changes in skin and hair; bad breath caused by teeth and oral problems.

Pet foods now available for older dogs provide plenty of protein. Older dogs with smaller activities will have less energy demand. Therefore, if your old dog activity is small, you must pay attention: pet foods with higher calories may cause dogs. Excessive weight.

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