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Do you know how to soak dog food?

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Do you know how to soak dog food?

After dog 2 months, the owner will feed the dog food to supplement the dog's nutrition, but how should the dog food be soaked? How long is the dog food bubble suitable? Most dog foods are dry and hard, dogs with small or bad stomachs should use softened dog food. However, if the dog food is soaked too long, it will lose nutrients or taste bad, so understand how to soak the dog food is more important, the following Petstar will give you a brief introduction.

Dry dog food bubbles or not?

Puppies from 45 days to 90 days are recommended to eat soft dog food. It's not just because the soft foam is better to digest this simple factor, but also the puppy is starting to grow teeth at this time, so there is no way to eat too hard food. After the dog food is soaked, it is convenient for the puppy to eat in the way of foraging, so the puppy will eat very happy.

What conditions need to soften dog food

1. Incomplete tooth growth

Dogs in their early years are not strong enough for their teeth, so feeding hard food at this time is not conducive to their digestion, and will cause certain damage to the dog's teeth. So you can temporarily feed the dog after soaking the dog food.

2. Just finished surgery or serious illness

At this stage, the dog's body is still relatively weak. If the dog food is too hard, it will also bring a certain burden to the intestines. At this time, the dog can also be fed with soft dog food, so that the dog can slowly recover, and then Feeding hard dog food for it, if it is just a small operation of male dog sterilization, you can not use softening.

3. Picky eat dogs

Some dogs are more picky. They can use milk powder to soften dog food to feed dogs. This kind of food is particularly attractive to dogs, and it has sufficient nutrients, is not afraid of nutrient loss, and is also suitable for picky dogs. However, care should be taken to use pet formula to prevent lactose intolerance.

How to soak dog food?

Prepare a excellent dog bowl and soak the dog food in hot water, about 40-70 degrees warm water, boiling water will lead to the loss of nutrients in the dog food, and easy to burn dogs. After about 5-10 minutes, the dog food will swell and become soft due to the fullness of the water. At this time, if there is excess water to drain, then you can give the dog a meal.

In addition, if the puppy is eating soft dog food, the amount of water will usually be reduced. The reason is that the dog food is rich in water, so the intake of water is enough. Sometimes a careful owner will find that the puppy does not drink water. This is normal. When the dog starts to eat dry dog food, they will start to drink water.

How much is suitable for feeding?

The puppies have a small stomach, but the appetite is strong, and each meal is not enough to eat! As a qualified owner, the frequency of meals should be determined according to their age. Feeding the dogs more, it is likely to kill them, or induce gastrointestinal diseases such as small, so pay attention to eat less meals!

2-3 months: about 4 times a day

4-6 months: 2-3 times a day

6 months or more: 2 times a day

Long-term feeding of soft dog food, soft dog food is easy to adhere to the dog's teeth, not cleaned up in time, then the risk of calculus is high. Be sure to use a dog toothbrush to clean it in time.

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