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Do you know pet hair maintenance tips?

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Do you know pet hair maintenance tips?

Are you worried about these problems, why are other people's dog hair silky and smooth, our dog's hair is gray and dull? Why do people's cats fluffy like marshmallows, and our cats are knotted like rags?In fact, pet hair is like human hair. If you want to make it "bright", in addition to the natural genetics, you need to take care of the growth process. Today, a professional caregiver from Petstar tells you how to do pet hair care.


pet hair maintenance tips

Hair care misunderstanding

1. Human shampoo and hair care products can also be used by pets --- NO

Pets and human skin have different pH. If you use human hair shampoo products for a long time, your pet's skin will be dry and aging, and a series of phenomena such as peeling and hair removal will occur, which will also reduce the skin's resistance. Smear-like products may even cause skin irritation or other skin inflammation in pets.

2. The more frequent the bath, the better----NO

Frequent bathing of pets can damage the protective layer of their skin, leading to hair loss, graying, brittleness, dryness, and bifurcation. It will also reduce the resistance, so that the bacteria can take advantage of the opportunity to induce skin inflammation and other problems.

3. After the shower, the pet can dry himself---NO

There are a lot of hair on the pets, although they will automatically drown, but from the wet state to the complete drying is a long process, during which the pet is very easy to catch cold.Moreover, moist hair can easily breed bacteria and parasites, causing hair loss or skin disease. Therefore, don't let the pets dry themselves.

pet hair maintenance tips

Method of caring for pet hair

1.Supplemental nutrition

First of all! Make sure your pet is getting enough nutrients. It should be noted that cats need more protein than dogs. If the fat content of cat food is low, the cats may be malnourished and the hair may be dry. If you want to add extra nutrients, you can add the following foods to your pet to help hair follicles and hair growth:

Meat: high quality protein and fat

Cooked egg yolk: it can supplement lecithin

Omega-3-rich fish: freshwater salmon, saury, Atlantic salmon, blue fish, etc.

2. Bathing

Frequent cleaning is not good for pet skin, so what is the correct cleaning frequency?

Cat: 1 month and above.

Usually cats will lick their own hair, and most of them don't like to take a bath. Don't force the cat to do something that is scary. Instead of letting the cat hate you, it is better to clean the house.

Dog: 10 to 15 days.

If you feel that the dog is coming back to the dog, you can use a wet towel to simply clean the hair and claws on the surface.

Water temperature: 36~39 degrees of water will make the pets comfortable, too high or too low to make them nervous, and also have skin and body damage.

Shower gel: Because the skin is sour and alkaline different from humans, please use pet-specific toiletries.

pet hair maintenance tips

3. Combing hair

Comb can remove floating hair and dust to prevent knotting. Use professional brush or comb to facilitate hair follicle "breathing". It promotes blood circulation, helps hair growth, and timely discovers and eliminates fleas and parasites hidden in hair. Long-haired cats and dogs are best every day. After combing for 5-10 minutes, small short hairs can reduce some frequencies appropriately. When combing, keep the comb at right angles to the pet's body, then comb the whole body from head to tail along the hair. Do not miss the back of the ear, limbs and tail.

4. Sunning

Appropriate amount of ultraviolet radiation can kill harmful bacteria hiding in the hair. It effectively prevents ectoparasites. It is good for the health of the skin and coat. It also promotes blood circulation and enhances the vitality of hair follicles.

pet hair maintenance tips

If your pet's coat color is not very good, try the above method. If you need to buy a comb or brush, please contact us in time, we provide a variety of good quality and pet-compatible combs.

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