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Do you know the dietary precautions of dogs during pregnancy?

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Do you know the dietary precautions of dogs during pregnancy?

Although the dog is not pregnant for a long time, but you want them to give birth to a beautiful baby, you still need to pay attention to some problems. Today, Petstar analyzes what issues you need to pay attention to when it comes to the diet of dogs during pregnancy.

Dietary requirements at different stages of pregnancy

The pregnancy period of dogs is generally 59--63 days, with an average of 60 days. The whole pregnancy period is roughly divided into three stages, and the requirements for diet nutrition are not the same at each stage.

Early pregnancy: 1 to 30 days of pregnancy

Dogs that have just been pregnant with their baby should avoid strenuous exercise and maintain the original nutritional mix in the diet. At this time, there is no need to increase too much nutrients and food intake, because the early dog baby is only a one or two centimeter little guy, it can not absorb too much nutrients. If you feed too much food, nutrition will be absorbed by the dog mother. Too fat or lack of exercise can increase the likelihood of dystocia in dogs, so avoid excessive intake of nutrients in the early stages of pregnancy!

Mid-pregnancy: 30 to 45 days of pregnancy

At this stage, the baby dog begins to accelerate and grow up, and the dog mothers will urinate frequently. It is recommended that you increase the frequency of walking the dog. At this time, you should appropriately increase the nutritional supplement. The proper amount of meat, eggs, and yogurt can help the dog mothers to supplement the calcium and increase the resistance. Note that nutrition should not increase too much at once. If the baby's size is too big, the dog mother will also have the danger of dystocia.

Late pregnancy: the 45th to 60th day of pregnancy

This is a crucial period of pregnancy. At this time, it can be clearly seen that the mother's stomach is growing up, and the amount of food for the dog mothers will increase, but the amount added is not too much, otherwise it will be much more, the mother of the dog itself The burden will become very heavy. In addition, pet owners should prepare calcium tablets, nutrient cream, intestinal probiotics, warm dog bed, toys, blankets, pet bowl etc. in advance at home.

Food that pregnant dogs can't eat


Caffeine in chocolate is a poison to animals, which reduces blood flow to the brain and can cause heart disease and other fatal problems in dogs.


Raw or cooked onions contain disulfide, which is harmless to the human body. It causes the risk of oxidation of red blood cells of cats, dogs, sheep, horses and cattle. It affects the amount of oxygen supplied, and thus does not provide enough oxygen for the body. 


The liver is one of the dog's favorite foods, but if it is excessive, it may cause nutritional problems. Because the liver contains high units of vitamin A, taking too much vitamin A may cause vitamin A poisoning or hypervitamin A in dogs.


The fat globules in pork are larger than other meats and may block the dog's microvessels. Avoid pork products, especially those containing sodium nitrate.


Many dogs have lactose discomfort. If your dog drinks milk, there will be symptoms such as fart, diarrhea, dehydration or skin irritation.

Check our previous articles and learn more about dog dietary considerations. If you have any question,please freely contact us.

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