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Do you know the postpartum dietary precautions for dogs?

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Do you know the postpartum dietary precautions for dogs?

The dog's gestation period is about 60 days, and its body will become weak after childbirth. At the same time, there is a need to breastfeed the cub, so it is especially important to care for the dog after childbirth. The following notes are very useful.

What is good for dogs after childbirth?

1. Dog food is the mainstay, supplemented by bone soup

Feeding food should still be based on dog food. Try to choose low-sensitive nutrient dog food is more suitable for female dogs, when choosing, pay attention to choose dog food containing a variety of trace elements. Such as containing taurine, multivitamins, cellulose. This kind of dog food can provide good nutrients and can better promote the recovery of the body.

In addition to eating dog food, bone soup can not be less, prepare bone broth every day, drink some milk every day to help secrete enough milk. At this stage, you don't have to worry about the dog becoming obese. The dog can replenish the body as soon as possible.

2. Eat less and eat more

The principle of feeding postpartum dogs is to eat small meals and prepare foods that are easy to digest. The food just after delivery is best fluid. For example, add a small amount of egg yolk, bread, broth, etc. to the porridge. After the dog's body is gradually recovering, prepare some foods rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. And you can start feeding food such as dog food.

There are many foods for feeding postpartum dogs, dog food, canned dogs, eggs, broth and so on. Just know how to arrange and match when feeding.

3. Blood-staining cream can help the wound recover better

In addition to regular nutritional supplements, blood-salting cream can quickly replenish blood as a nutrient. It is perfect for female dogs after production and lactation. In the process of feeding the puppies, most of the nutrients in the body will be drunk by the puppies. In addition, the recovery of the wounds will be slower after the delivery of the female dogs, so the demand for nutrition is also great, and the blood-supplement can quickly restore the body.

Give different foods to dogs at different stages. While meeting the needs of the dog's body, make sure that the diet is reasonable and healthy.

Postpartum precautions for dogs

1. After the dog has successfully delivered the baby, the parents should replace the messy mattress and quilt, and prepare a spacious, comfortable, warm and clean new kennel for the dog and the cub, so that they can have A comfortable rest.

2. Dogs have a maternal outbreak during childbirth. In order to protect the safety of their cubs, it will become fierce, and they will be hostile to those close to them. Therefore, after the dog is delivered, the parent should prohibit the stranger from approaching it for a period of time, avoiding the stimulation of the female dog and the biting.

3. After the dog has been given normal delivery, parents should not immediately feed it with hard food such as dog food. After giving birth, parents can prepare some glucose water for the dog to drink, so that it can replenish physical strength; parents can return the dog to a normal diet until 24 hours of childbirth.

4. It is important to note that dogs should give birth in different seasons and parents should also make corresponding feeding plans. For example, in the hot summer, parents must do a good job of heatstroke prevention. If you give birth in the cold winter, you should pay attention to warm work, heat bed or blanket, etc., so that the dog cub can safely winter.

The above is the knowledge that Petstar brings about postpartum precautions for dogs. We hope it can help you.

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