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Do you know the precautions for cat sterilization?

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Do you know the precautions for cat sterilization?

Sterilization is a big thing for cats. It is related to the future life of cats. We should pay attention to the precautions before and after surgery. It is best to have a comprehensive plan to help cats through the sterilization period. Let's take a look at how to prepare.

Preoperative preparation


Make sure your cat has been vaccinated before surgery and for more than a week.

2. Observation period

Before preparing for surgery, please reserve 1 week to observe the status of the cat. Because cats are not suitable for sterilization in unhealthy conditions, it is necessary to observe whether your family has the following symptoms one week before sterilization: runny nose, sneezing, soft diarrhea, fever, calicivirus infection, soon Emotions and other symptoms. If you have the above symptoms, you need to wait for the symptoms to disappear and observe the surgery for two more days.

3. Items

*Air box or cat bag

Please prepare a larger air box or cat bag, because after the operation, the kitten needs to be stretched flat to ensure smooth breathing. Don't think about holding out the door, the cat is very easy to be scared, especially when the anesthetic has just passed, this time is frightened and struggling, it is likely to break the wound.

* Warm items and pad

It is best to put some warm mats or cat clothes in the air box or cat bag. When the anesthesia, the body temperature of the kitten will decrease. When the effect is over, the body temperature will slowly recover. It is very important to keep warm during this period, especially winter. Some cats will be incontinent due to anesthesia. It is best to prepare the pad.

*Elizabeth Circle

The Elizabeth Circle prevents the main child from licking the wound, which can be purchased at the hospital or purchased at the hospital.

*Anti-inflammatory drugs

Regardless of male or female cats, it is necessary to carry out 3-5 days of anti-inflammatory after surgery. You can purchase anti-inflammatory drugs yourself or buy them at the hospital. Of course, you can also go to the hospital to hang anti-inflammatory drugs every day. If you are taking anti-inflammatory drugs yourself, you can buy a speed.


For wound sterilization, it can be placed in a small spray bottle and sprayed on the wound twice a day to sterilize.

Surgical procedure

1. Anesthetized animals should urinate after 3-4 hours of anesthesia, and often a large amount of urination, because the anesthetic used in sterilization - 846 mixture mainly through the kidney metabolism, if the animal's kidney function or urinary system has problems, it will lead to two Anesthesia, this is a very dangerous sign, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible;

2. The sterilization of male cats is very simple. It is to open a small mouth on each of the two small eggs and take out the testicles. Since the incision is small, there is no need to use a needle and no dressing. The operation of a male cat can be done in about 10 minutes.

3. The sterilization of the female cat is complicated. It is necessary to cut a small mouth in the abdomen, remove the uterus and ovaries, and then suture. The operation time is generally 20-30 minutes. After the operation, the doctor will give the cat a surgical gown. The surgical gown will not hinder the cat's bowel movements and daily life.

How to care after surgery?

1. After surgery, pay attention to the cat's head lying flat, the neck should be straight, so as not to inhibit breathing. After returning home, put it on a warm place on the floor and put a pad on the bottom of the body.

2. Generally, the cat will wake up completely after two hours. The male cat can eat on the day after surgery and return to normal the next day. The female cat usually has two days of pain and returns to normal on the third day. The owner should pay attention to controlling the female cat not to jump up and down within a week after surgery.

3. Try not to let the cat go to the wound to avoid infection, and wear an anti-biting ring if necessary.

Have you learned the above knowledge about sterilization? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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