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Do you know the relationship between cat color and personality?

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Do you know the relationship between cat color and personality?

When it comes to the character of a dog, people's first impressions are often "faithful and reliable", but when it comes to the character of a cat, many people suddenly have a lot of words in their hearts, but they always feel that they can't describe the character of all cats in one word. . Because the cats are super cute!Some cats are docile, well-behaved, and most like to stick to the owner; some cats are cold and domineering, independent, and ignore the owner.

Do you know that the cat's color can also reflect its character? A foreign survey of cat color shows that cats of different colors have some similarities in character! Let's take a look at the style of your cat.

Orange cat

Let's talk about the most popular orange cat. In the orange cat, the male to female sex ratio is about 4:1, so the young orange cats are more naughty and active. The adult orange cats are mostly docile and calm. I like to be close to humans.

Most orange cats are greedy, lazy, and unwilling to exercise. Over time, it has become a veritable "orange fat man", "heart wide body fat" idiom perfect description of the state of the orange cat. It also attracted a large number of followers on the Internet because of its character charm and rounded shape.

Black cat

Black cats are more mysterious in most people's impressions, and some even use black cats as a symbol of ominousness. With the improvement of people's awareness of raising cats, many people have begun to raise black cats as their own pets. With the black man attribute, it will automatically be invisible as soon as it is at night, it sounds cool!

Although the black cat looks domineering, most black cats are very gentle and very clever, so the contrasting cute personality is really attractive! But it is said that black cats are more picky eaters than other cats, and only eat what they love. Is this the black cat in your family?

White cat

If the orange cat is a "snacker" in the cat world, then the white cat may be the "white rich" of the cat world! There is no variegation, and pure white cats are rare. A white fur with a pair of watery, clear eyes, like two sly diamonds falling in the snow.

The white cat is like an elegant and dignified girl of the medieval aristocracy. The character is gentle, well-behaved and very obedient. Compared to orange cats, it is more independent and will not always stick to the owner. But as long as the owner is identified, they will always be with him and be very loyal to the owner.

Tabby cat

This kind of cat breed that is unique to China is also the most common stray cat breed. They are usually very independent and brave, which may be related to their wandering experience, they need to capture their prey to survive.

Compared with other cats, the raccoon cat may be more cautious and curious about everything. The owner may have to spend a lot of time to let it accept you, but as long as the raccoon cat identifies his master, it will become a close-knit little warm cat, only close to the owner.

Cow cat

Cow cats are usually described as black and white cats, which are usually naughty and clever. He doesn't like to be close to strangers. He always likes to be naughty and ruined at home. They like to play all kinds of cat toys, and they are always full of exuberant energy.

These are the colors of several cats that are common in our lives. What color is your cat? Are their characters really like this? Regardless of their personality, in the owner, they are unique!

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