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For dogs, happiness means...

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For dogs, Happiness means what?

    The most important of all animal life needs is physiological needs. If any one of physiological needs are not being met, the dog physiology can't operate properly. In other words, a dog's life will be threatened. In this sense, physiological needs is the foundation of the dogs are happy.

Dogs from ancient gradually by humans domesticated Wolf, dog belonged to social animals. So from the nature of dog emotion is a sense of belonging in the group, and emotion is the dogImportant features. Many dog lovers know, you good to him, he is good for you. Now the dog is indispensable in many families members of his family. what is most important thing in dog's life?

    First, the owner of the dog to the care and love. Dog as long as a year will become adults, he was a child in this time of year, if we can go to take care of it, the dog will follow the person's life will never be separated.

    Second, healthy and enough food. Dog need to eat a lot of things in a day. Some big dogs eat a lot almost like people. For the dog daily metabolism, food is very important.

    Third, the free space for the dog is also very important. Dog nature lively, not like a day stay in one place, so there is a big enough space for it to play, they will very happy. If there is no free space for dog, it possible will be diseases. Everyone has something they value, and the dog also is such.

    Is the most important thing for some dog owners of the company, they like to take a walk with their master, aimless wandering, free. Some dogs like to eat, the most important thing for them is food and extra snacks. This is a dog important the most happiness of life status.

For the dog, happiness means:

1、A home of their own

    Home is the root of life, people work hard all my life is for home, dogs, too. If all have a home of their own, it could be the guardian of a lifetime. Regardless of the weathered, it will firmly follow the master.

2、Company for the rest of dog’s lives

    Every dog love his own master, they hold master can love them for a lifetime, don't abandon them. I have seen too many dogs were dumped in the streets and wandered a place waiting for it master!

3、Play with your dog

    Some dogs are special clingy, so they are the most hope is stay together with master of the time. I suggest that take time to play with the your dog every day. If the dog at home for a long time, it easy to suffer from depression. Take the dog out to run off and do some interactive games or training, if dogs do good reward some tasty dog snacks, eating will make dog be more happy!




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