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How is a dog perceive about our world

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How is a dog perceive about our world

Dogs play an important role in the process of human hunting, their nose can easily identify different bouquet and track this smell.

Why do dogs nose so sensitive for smell? 


Dogs when looking for a smell, will keep inspiratory, air into the nose and then divided into two channels. Most of the gas into the dog lungs, about 12% of gas into the special smell induction area, the area contains 300 million olfactory receptors, the sense of smell receptors to receive in the gas smells, and then passed to the specialized processing olfactory information areas of the brain. Human olfactory receptor only about 5-6 million, and the dog dog processing areas of the brain is the human olfactory information 40 times, and this is why the dog smell is ten thousand to one hundred thousand times of mankind.

Dogs can sense of smell to sniff out hidden drugs, explosives, can even smell the smell of the human body disease. Germany's- study, make four trained sniffing out patients with smell find out patients with lung cancer. Volunteers included 110 healthy people, 60 patients with lung cancer and 50 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). The researchers asked volunteers to exhale, a full of wool hose in order to save the smell. Four puppies sniffing each tube, if sit down that smell is lung cancer. Results show that the puppies are not affected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) and tobacco smell disturbance, to identify patients with lung cancer with 71% accuracy. The results of the study, published in the European respiratory journal.

Dogs can sniff out all human disease? The problem is still in research around the world.

A dog's hearing is as good as a dog's nose. A young person's average hearing range is between 20 and 20,000 Hertz, while a dog's hearing range is between 15 and 65,000 Hertz. A lot of times owners don't understand that a dog is afraid of a vacuum cleaner. This is because dogs can hear a lot more noise than you.

What does a dog's world look like in eyes?

A lot of people say that dogs are color blind, This is wrong. Dogs just can't see red from green. There are only two types of vertebral cells in their retinas, and they can only see yellow and blue.A dog's vision of the world is a blur.The ability of dogs to distinguish between light levels was weak, twice as good as the ability of humans to distinguish between light levels.

How do guide dogs tell the traffic lights apart?

When the guide dog crosses the road, it can not distinguish the traffic lights. Most of the time, they judge whether they can pass through by observing the pedestrians. The guide dog watches the human around, if human can safe passage and than they will lead master across the road. If there are no human around, the dog will observe the traffic flow, lead master across the road when it think safe.

If you meet a dog for the first time, make sure the dog gets used to your scent first and then you can approaches dog slowly. Otherwise, the dog may think you are a bad person and become afraid of you or even attack you.

Take your dog out for a walk

Play with them and strengthen the bond between you 




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