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How much water does the cat drink every day?

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How much water does the cat drink every day?

Is your cat drinking water normally? I believe that many owners have no idea about the amount of water they drink. In fact, water is very important for cats. This article tells you how much water a cat drinks in a day is normal? How to make cats fall in love with drinking water.

Cat's drinking capacity

The amount of drinking water of a cat is related to body weight. The normal drinking water is 40-60 ML per kilogram per day, and the daily drinking water of a cat weighing 4 kg is 160-240 ML. You can observe the amount of water you drink every day by marking the cat's drinking container.

We can also judge how much water the cat consumes by observing the urine. (Applicable to agglomerated cat litter). In general, the normal urine of a normal kitten is as large as an ordinary egg, 3 to 6 per day. The normal urine mass of an ordinary adult cat should be the size of an adult fist, 2 to 6 per day.

If the cat's urine group is small and the number is more than 6, the parents may need to pay attention to observe: Does the cat often go to the litter box to pick up cat litter, is it very painful when urinating, is there any blood or chaos? Urine and other symptoms. If the cat has the above symptoms, you need to go to the hospital to confirm whether it is a urinary system disease such as cystitis.

How to make cats fall in love with drinking water

Keep the freshness of the water

Cats love fresh water more than flowing water. Many people recommend using a water dispenser for cats. They think that the water dispenser automatically circulates and always flows fresh water, but it is not necessarily. Because the water dispenser should be cleaned frequently, the water should be replaced frequently. The filter element inside should be replaced regularly, and the pump must be cleaned regularly.

Choose a water bowl according to the cat's preference

Like humans, each cat has its own character and own preferences. Some cats like to drink water from a shallow dish. Some cats like to drink water from the basin. Some cats like to drink water from their master's cup. Some cats like to drink water from the aquarium, and some cats like to drink water from the toilet.

However, from these seemingly different choices, we can still find their commonality, that is, they just like to drink water that they should not drink.

Increase drinking water

The drinking point in the home should be more than the number of cats in the home. At the same time, according to the cat's habits, the drinking water points, especially in the multi-cat family, must put a few more drinking points. The general drinking point setting should be a certain distance from the cat food and the litter box, and the position where the cat often passes.

Put cat grass / catnip in the water

For cats like cat grass and catnip, try adding some cat grass or catnip to the water, but be sure to note that many cats are almost crazy about catnip and may knock over the water bowl.

Suitable cat water bowl

Glass vases, fish tanks, master cups, water dispensers, etc. can all increase the fun of cats drinking water.

Under the premise of ensuring the health of the cats, the owners can add a drinking place that makes the cat feel that drinking is fun according to the preferences of their cats and cats. Cats like water bowls that match the "cat body". You can choose some higher water bowls or add a dish rack to increase the height. It can keep the cat in a natural position when drinking water, thus reducing the neck. And the pressure on the back. On Petstar's website, you can find all kinds of water bowls, and there is always a pet that suits you.

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