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How to feed dog food?

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 How to feed dog food?


When you bought the dog food with the help of Petstar assistant, do you think it is ok? Not yet. Feeding is also important if you want your dog to be healthy. The following precautions should be remembered.


How much food to feed the dog?

In the different stages of growth of dogs, during pregnancy, different amounts of exercise, different health conditions, and even in different environmental conditions, the food required by dogs varies. It is recommended to refer to the feeding amount on the dog food bag, and then adjust according to the dog's physical condition and the condition of the stool after eating. Or consult Petstar's pet specialist directly.

We provide enough food for the dog to make it a little thinner than normal. Studies have shown that thin dogs live longer and have fewer health problems than overweight or normal dogs.


How often do you feed the dog?

Most healthy adult dogs are fed twice a day (about 12 hours apart). Puppies need to eat two to five times a day, depending on age and breed. In general, the smaller the feeding interval, the shorter the time to avoid hypoglycemia. As the puppies grow up, they can be gradually reduced. Adult dogs of 12-18 months can be fed twice a day.


What should you pay attention to when feeding?

1. Feeding dog food should be timed, fixed, and quantified.

Dogs are very smart pets with extraordinary IQ and memory. Therefore, long-term adherence to the same place and time, fixed dog bowls to feed their dog food, over time, pets have formed a fixed habit.


2.The temperature of dog food is very critical. If the temperature is high, it will cause burns in the pet's mouth. If the temperature is too low, it will cause pets' gastrointestinal diseases and diarrhea. Generally, the food temperature is 1~2℃ higher than the body temperature, and the temperature is controlled at about 40℃.


3.Many pet owners always ask: “Is it good to feed dog food, or do you feed it after using water?” In fact, the two are not contradictory. You can eat dry food, drink water, or soak. Feed again and let the pets eat the food and water together. In addition to eating dry food can solve the basic requirements of the dog's food fullness, it can also carry out some cleaning effect on the dog's mouth by expanding the hardness of the granules, and remove some scale in the mouth to reduce oral diseases.

4. In addition, sometimes we will find that the dog is eating grass, then it is possible to eat too much and cause insufficient intestinal motility. At this time, we need to reduce the amount of food, or reduce the greasyness of the food. You can also know if the dog's appetite is down by observing how much dog food is left after each meal, and then even adjust the amount of food or feeding.


Dogs eat grass can refer to the previous article "Why do dogs eat grass", paying attention to petstar to get more knowledge of pets.

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