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How to feed puppies in 1-12 months?

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How to feed puppies in 1-12 months?


Feeding puppies incorrectly is tantamount to murder!

According to statistics, more than 80% of puppies who have just arrived at home have died of severe dehydration caused by diarrhea! The dog owner may think of whether the infectious disease caused by the cold has taken away the baby's life. However, cold is only a catalyst for diarrhea. The most fundamental source of inducing death is also the dog breed's most easily overlooked, that is, the way you feed the puppies! This article tells you how to avoid the risk of puppies feeding, please keep it.


Dog feeding precautions


Veterinarians have found that puppies who come to diarrhea have almost always fed dry feed. Dry dog food is equivalent to the nature of compressed biscuits. It swells when exposed to water and its volume is three times that of dry feed. The digestive glands of puppies have not yet fully developed, especially after weaning, and diarrhea has become one of the most common lethal diseases in puppies. What should you pay attention to during feeding?


1.The amount of food per dog for two or three months is about one-third of that of disposable paper cups. Small dogs can be reduced.


2. After three months, you can slowly transition from blisters to semi-wet to dry dog food. In the past, it was possible to feed the dog food until it was very soft. The owner slowly shortened the time for soaking the dog food, so that the dog slowly became accustomed to the harder dog food, and finally became completely in about 10 days. Dry dog food is given to eat.

Usually we also recommend that in the process of converting into dry dog food, one or two dry dog foods can be taken to the dog to eat, so that the dog learns to eat dry dog food. Or use the more popular pet food dispenser ball, which not only slows down the speed of the pet, but also increases the fun as a dog toy.


3. Don't try to speed up the growth of your puppies by overfeeding. Most of the food will be wasted. Since the excess food exceeds the digestive capacity of the puppies, it can cause bone pain in the future. In addition, when overweight puppies grow into overweight adult dogs, they may develop various diseases. Therefore, it is best to follow the recommended feeding amount on the puppies' dog food package.

4. After only 12 months (large dogs will reach 24 months), they no longer need extra calories and nutrients, so they can be prepared to change them into whole dog food. In order to avoid harming their fragile digestive system, the new adult dog food should be added to the puppies that they often eat at the beginning of the meal, and then gradually increase to the proportion of the whole dog food in about 7-10 days.


Other considerations


1. Puppies should avoid drinking plenty of water and excessive exercise after eating dog food.

2. Things that dogs can't eat, such as onions, chocolates, chicken bones, etc., must be strictly prohibited.

3. If the puppies have diarrhea, they should stop eating for at least half a day, and they can feed some probiotics.

4. Pay special attention to warmth measures at night. Use warm dog bed and blankets to keep them from the cold and prevent the disease from getting worse.

5. If there is no improvement within 6 hours from the start of the illness and the symptoms of diarrhea become more and more serious, please take it to the animal hospital for treatment and take infusion therapy.


Do you know how to choose dog food? How long does it take to soak? Follow us to learn more about pets. At Petstar, make your pet life more comfortable and healthy.



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