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How to get the dog to take medicine?

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How to get the dog to take medicine?

Feeding a dog may be a headache for some pet owners, especially for some very sensitive and awkward dogs, it is very difficult to let them eat the medicine smoothly. Petstar below summarizes some tips for feeding medicine, hoping to help parents who are worried about how to feed their dogs.

get the dog to take medicine

Tip 1 - Feed the dog directly

Applicable object: well-behaved dog

Type of medicine: pills, capsules

Tips: This is the most direct way to feed the dog. Put the medicine on the dog's tongue, then close the dog's mouth with your hand, then lift the mouth slightly to encourage the dog to swallow the medicine.

Tip 2 - Clip the medicine to delicious food

Applicable object: good appetite dog

Type of medicine: tablets, capsules, powder, liquid medicine

Tips: For an appetite dog, you can put the medicine in a good food, such as sausage, a fresh packet, or a canned dog. However, it should be noted that the amount of delicious food is small, so it must be not enough after eating it, you can guarantee that he will eat all the delicious food together.

get the dog to take medicine

Tip 3 - Turn the medicine away with water and pour it into the dog

Applicable to: dogs that are strongly repulsive and stubborn

Type of medicine: tablets, capsules, powders that are easily soluble in water

Tips: You can only use this trick when you are giving medicine to dogs that don't like medicine very much! Pour the tablets into powder, open the capsules, or direct the powder, then use the water to open the medicine and then pour it from the side of the dog's mouth. Lift the dog's mouth when filling, so that water can flow into the throat. This kind of feeding method may be the most painful for the dog, because the taste of the syrup will make it a mouthful, so give the dog a new plush toy as a reward.

get the dog to take medicine

Tip 4 - With the help of nutritional cream

Applicable object: almost all dogs

Type of medicine: tablets, capsules, powders that are not easily soluble in water

Tips: For small tablets, capsules or small amounts of powder that are not easy to dissolve, pour the tablets into powder, and peel the outer skin of the capsule and mix it in the nutrient cream. You can also apply the nutrient cream on the dog's nose. The dog has the instinct to lick the nose, so whether it is delicious or not, it will smash the things on the nose. However, this method is only suitable for a small amount of powder.

get the dog to take medicine


1. After feeding the dog, the owner needs to check the dog's mouth. Sometimes the dog will pick up the pill that is sent to the mouth and then hang it on the mouth.

2. When feeding the dog with the aid of a tool, we can use a needle, a small spoon or a professional drug feeder. The use of tools makes feeding easier.

Have you learned how to feed medicine with dogs? We should take prevention as the mainstay to prevent dogs from getting sick.

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