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How to prevent and control feline panleukopenia?

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How to prevent and control feline panleukopenia?

A cat is a more delicate pet, and it is easy to get sick if you don't take care of it. The general cold fever does not matter. If the cat suffers from feline panleukopenia, it is easy to infect the cat group, and the kitten will die. Feline panleukopenia is terrible, but it can still be cured. Pre-prevention is particularly important. Do you know the knowledge of feline panleukopenia?

What is feline panleukopenia?

Feline panleukopenia is also known as cat leukopenia, cat infectious enteritis, which is an acute hypercontact infection in cats. Clinical manifestations are characterized by sudden high fever, intractable vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, circulatory disturbances, and sharp leukopenia. Not all leukopenias are feline panleukopenia, and other conditions can cause leukopenia, such as feline leukemia. , cat hepatitis and so on.

What is the situation easily suffering from feline panleukopenia?

1. Cats with incomplete or unvaccinated vaccination are prone to feline panleukopenia, especially for 3-5 months old kittens.

2. If the female cat is infected during pregnancy, it will cause neurological symptoms in stillbirth, abortion and newborn kittens. The infection route is to contact with urine-containing feces or blood-sucking insects and mites.

What are the symptoms of feline panleukopenia?

The thermal latency of feline panleukopenia is 2-9 days, and clinical symptoms are related to age and viral virulence.

1. Young cats are mostly acute, the body temperature rises above 40 °C, vomiting, many cats do not have any symptoms, sudden death, and some may show symptoms of spinal cord ataxia.

2. Most of the cats older than 6 months are subacute clinical. The first fever is about 40°, and after 1-2 days, it drops to normal temperature. After 3-4 days, the body temperature rises again, that is, the biphasic heat type.

3. The sick cat is weak, anorexia, intractable vomiting, and the vomit is yellow-green.

4. When diarrhea occurs, it indicates that the animal is in the late stage of the disease, the stool has blood, severe dehydration, anemia, and severe death.

Feline panleukopenia treatment

1.According to the medical history, clinical symptoms and epidemiological characteristics, a preliminary diagnosis can be made, and laboratory examination is still needed for the diagnosis.

2. According to the number of white blood cells can be diagnosed. At the same time, biochemical indicators and virus tests can be performed. The most commonly checked for viral tests include feces, intestines, omental lymph nodes, lungs, and anorexia foods.

Feline panleukopenia treatment considerations

1. Be sure to keep warm. Keep warm with a cat blanket or cat litter.

2. If there are other cats in the family, please isolate the sick cats and pay attention to environmental sanitation.

3.feline panleukopenia high serum free is very important, in fact, is an antibody to the cat prion, only this is specifically for the virus in the treatment. However, be careful not to inject continuously for more than three days.

4. Infusion is the best treatment. If you can't infuse the cat, you can feed 10% glucose injection and normal saline at intervals to help him replenish energy and moisture.

5. During the recovery period, pay attention to low protein (milk, eggs, chicken liver, etc.), and easily digest the semi-liquid food to the cat. You can buy cats for cats, and the nutrition is more comprehensive. Feed the cats who have recovered their strength after the illness.

The last thing to note is that feline panleukopenia may have symptoms of blood in the stool. You should give the cat a hemostatic needle. All the cat products can be found on our website. If you have any questions, you can also consult our pet expert directly.

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