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How to prevent and correct dog picky eaters?

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How to prevent and correct dog picky eaters?



Many pet owners will ask our pet experts: Why is my dog not willing to eat? Do not eat dog food, canned food, egg yolk, etc., but it looks normal and there are no uncomfortable symptoms. Today, petstar talks in detail about the problems that many parents have headaches---dogs picky eaters.


How to judge whether a dog is picky eaters

Each of us has our own preferences for food. For example, some people do not like to eat spinach, and some people do not like to eat lamb. However, the dog's "picky food" is different from the human "picky food" concept. In the dog world, picky eaters do not mean that you like to eat something, rather than eating something else, but that: when eating the dog food prepared by the owner, it shows hesitation, delay, and rejection.

Therefore, dogs do not eat dog food, or eat and play, it is a picky eater, and does not like a snack or a certain food is not a picky eater.


The reason why dogs are picky eaters

1.Is it sick?

One of the most inconsequential reasons for dog picky eaters is that they are sick. For dogs, gastroenteritis and cold can affect the appetite of dogs and even threaten their lives. In this case, the owner must bring the dog to the hospital asap, don't delay the illness.

2. Is the environment unsuitable?

Dogs are group animals that like to play with the same kind of animals. Pets will have some environmental adaptation and emotional reactions in the face of fierce similarity, consignment and separateness, which will cause them to suffer from mild separation anxiety, which is characterized by loss of appetite. In this case, after the dogs adapt to the new environment and complete the basic vaccine immunization, they will improve their appetite. Or, we need to do some appeasement, prepare new toys and snacks, and generally the dog will be able to eat normally after a normal mood.

3. Is there any bad feeding habits?

Dog picky eaters are not formed in a day and may be related to previous bad feeding habits, such as:

Dog feeding is not limited, there is no meal restriction, dogs can eat at will, so dog food is not attractive. The owner often feeds non-main staple foods such as canned foods and snacks, which causes the dog's taste to become awkward and does not accept dog food with a relatively "normal" taste.


Correction of picky eaters

Pathological and environmental-induced picky eaters need to be treated and comforted separately. We mainly study how to solve the picky eaters caused by bad habits.

1.First of all, it is necessary to set rules with the dog. Clear the frequency, quantity, time limit and food type of feeding. The fixed rules help the pet to correctly understand the meal is not unlimited, so cherish the fixed amount of food and the time of eating. Fixed food bowls and water bowls and fixed feeding positions help the dog develop good habits.


2.Dogs that lack exercise, especially large dogs, are prone to loss of appetite and languidness. If you only have small dogs in your home, we only need to prepare some toys for the dogs to distract them at home, such as bouncy balls and vocal toys. For small dogs, everyday play is enough for their physical activity.


3. But if there are large dogs and hounds in the house, the general indoor activities are far from satisfying them. In this case, it is recommended that the owner take them for more than two kilometers every day. Pay attention to the use of collars, leashes and pet garbage bags. To avoid affecting others. Petstar launches a dog running suit that includes running leash, water bottle, garbage bags, portable dog food bowl, etc., making it easier for your dog to run.


Dogs are extremely intelligent. As long as we observe the details of their lives, the smart owners will find the right way to correct the dog picky.

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