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Infrared Receiver Emitter/Infrared Remote Control

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IR Receiver Module and IR Receiver Module are Arduino-compatible 38KHz infrared and receiving sensors that can transmit or receive remote control signals with standard 38KHz modulation. By programming the Arduino controller, the decoding operation of remote control signals can be achieved.

Infrared receiving module

Product introduction

Infrared remote control is a common remote control method in our life. The TV remote control and air conditioner remote control you use every day use this principle. IR receiver module is an Arduino compatible 38kHz infrared receiving sensor, which can receive the standard 38kHz modulated remote control signal. The decoding operation of the remote control signal can be realized by programming the Arduino controller. Infrared wireless communication can be realized by cooperating with Arduino and IR transmitter module.

Product parameters

Parameter type Characteristics
Specification 22×30mm
Positioning aperture 3mm
Control signal Digital signal
Working voltage 3.3-5V
Interface 3P
Line sequence G V D
Red LED indicator On when transmitting / receiving infrared signal
Modulation frequency 38KHZ
Transmit / receive distance 1~2m
Product features High sensitivity

Single chip microcomputer wiring


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