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Is it safe for dogs to eat bones?

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Is it safe for dogs to eat bones?

Do you think dogs are safe to eat bones? From an early age, we know that dogs must eat bones, but is this the case? So why are pet food stores not selling dog bones? Below we analyze the "dogs and bones" related matters. Welcome to join our discussion.

Can a puppy eat bones?

Is it unsafe for dogs to eat bones? Note that some of the large bones that have been stewed should be fed to dogs because these large bones are large and seem to be easily bitten by dogs. However, after a long period of cooking, in fact, the big bones have become very brittle, it is easy to be bitten by the dog, the big bones are bitten into bone slag, the dog eats in the stomach, just like a sharp Knife, it poses a threat to the health of dogs.

The benefits of dogs eating bones

1. Clean teeth: This benefit is positive. Because the dog rubs the surface of the tooth when it is in the humeral head, it has a good cleaning effect on its teeth. More bones and hard foods are good for dental care.Bone shape toy also a good selection,you can find more pet dental toy on Petstar website.

2. Calcium supplementation: This is a common saying. Although dogs pass the humeral head, the amount of calcium that is actually supplemented by themselves is very small, but it also has a little effect. Calcium in the bone is difficult to be absorbed by the dog's gastrointestinal digestion, and most of it is excreted with the feces.

The disadvantage of dogs eating bones

Accurately speaking, it is the bad place to feed the bones. Unsuitable feeding can easily cause bones to stab the mouth and digestive tract; large bones cause esophageal infarction; eating too much bone causes gastritis and gastroenteritis; sharp bone debris causes stomach Perforation and so on.

Bones that dogs can't eat

Don't feed the small joint bones of poultry: including the bones of the neck of the chicken, duck, and pigeon, and the bones of the head.

These bones are relatively small, and it is easy to form broken bone after biting, scratching the dog's throat and stomach, causing massive bleeding. Especially like the more chicken wings that you usually eat.

In addition, for dogs with large body size, eating small bones such as chicken neck, it is easy to chew and swallow it. It is really troublesome to invade in the esophagus.

The bones that dogs can eat

Cooked or raw pigs, cattle, sheep's big bones, dogs bite this bone is safer, but also for dog digestion and tooth care are also more beneficial. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the dog, the owners must pay special attention to it. It is not that the dog must eat the bones, nor the bones and dogs can eat.

What do you think about "dogs and bones"? Welcome to give us comments and suggestions.

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