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Please care for the cat: Maybe it is depressed

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Please care for the cat: Maybe it is depressed

Cats are social animals. Although they are relatively independent, they also need to be accompanied, and the cat's mind is very delicate. Some of the actions we don't care about will touch the cat's sensitive heart. Depression can be difficult to detect because changes in cat behavior after getting sick are sometimes very subtle. Through this article let us prevent and treat cat depression.

Cause of cat depression

1. Look for a veterinarian to do a health check

If you find that your cat is suddenly a little bit wrong, but you have not found any obvious symptoms. At this time, you can go to the pet hospital for a medical examination. After the veterinarian's observation and testing, you can not find any physical symptoms, then your cat may be suffering from depression.

2. Recalling recent changes

Have you just moved to a new home recently? Changing the environment is one of the biggest causes of depression in cats.Many cats move to a new environment from a familiar place, and there are different degrees of conditions. Cats with poor adaptability will fall into a short period of depression. Familiar people and things suddenly disappeared, and the emotions of missing thoughts can also cause depression.

3. Time of companionship

Are you getting busy and ignoring the companionship of pets? Especially cats like Siam are very social. If you ignore them for a long time, Siamese babies will become super frustrated and instantly become a melancholy cat.

4. Seasonal depression

Seasonal affective disorder is not just a human suffering, cats are particularly susceptible to winter effects. Winter days are much shorter than other seasons, and lack of sunlight can cause cat depression. If your cat's personality seems to change with the seasons, they may be experiencing seasonal depression.

The signs of cat depression

1. Observe the cat sleeping time

Cats sleep about 16 hours a day on average. If your cat's sleep time is unusual, this may be a sign of depression.

2. Suddenly become more love to make a sound

The cat's voice changes a lot, although you don't know what they are saying, but they can distinguish the emotions in the voice. The depressed cat will cry, and its voice will sound like a snoring

 It may be trying to tell the owner something and ask for help.

3. Observe the cat's diet

 Depressed cats may eat off because of sadness, so you need to observe if the cat has significantly reduced the amount of food. Depression also changes their good toilet habits and the appearance of indiscriminate urination.

Interventions for cat depression

1. Give your love. Give the cat all the love you need to make it feel happy and safe.

2. Create "sunshine". If you find that the cat's depression is caused by insufficient sunlight, you can buy a light that simulates ultraviolet light and open it in front of the cat for a few hours a day.

3. Prepare all kinds of toys for cats, new toy sets, cat trees and cat scratch boards, colorful cat poles, to a certain extent, it will make cats happy.

4. Consider medication. Drugs are often recognized as the last resort to treat cat depression. Because the side effects of the drug can be very large.

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