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Precautions for dog sterilization

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Precautions for dog sterilization

If you are already planning to sterilize your dog, then be responsible for the dog! What do you need to pay attention to? When is sterilization? What preparations are needed before surgery? The following article tells you the answer!

1. What is sterilization?

Sterilization is a surgical procedure that removes female ovaries, uterus, or male testicles, making it impossible to reproduce.

Female: Surgery is abbreviated as OHE (Ovario-Hytero-Ectomy), which is called "ovarian hysterectomy."

Boys: The main testicles are taken out of the scrotum.

2. When is sterilization?

There are many opinions on when to do sterilization. Generally speaking, the female dog is the best time for sterilization after the first estrus. Because it has a estrus, its sexual stability, personality and development have reached the most complete stage.Most of the male dogs are determined according to the owner's wishes. After the sexual maturity, the dogs will have the behavior of the circle, so some will be sterilized at 6-8 months old.

3. What should I do before sterilization?

Before the dog is sterilized, the dog must have a physical examination and the dog should be operated in a healthy condition.

* If it is a female dog, sterilization is not recommended during estrus;

* If it is a male dog, it is recommended to reduce the time to go out and avoid contact with the female dog some time before the operation. It is not recommended to perform surgery during the estrus period.

Fasting for 12 hours before surgery. Because the anesthetic is used during the operation, the dog needs an empty stomach. Otherwise, the anesthetic will stop the gastrointestinal motility and cause flatulence. If there is food in the stomach, it may vomit, which is very dangerous;

4. What is the duration of surgery?

The length of the female dog sterilization operation is about 20 to 25 minutes. The male dog is faster and only takes 5 minutes. The recovery time of anesthesia is about 2 hours. Usually it is sent to the hospital in the morning and can be taken home at night.

5. How to take care of the sterilized dog?

The recovery after sterilization is different for each dog. The male dog will be much faster than the female dog. In order to avoid wound infection, it is very important to keep the wound dry. Do not touch the water or bathe.Also don't let the dog get to the wound, so it is recommended to prepare the Elizabeth Circle in advance. Because it can cause inflammation, swelling, and even bite of the wound, if this happens, take the dog to the hospital and re-seam.After the operation goes home, don't eat immediately. The anesthetic has not completely failed. If you eat food at this time, it is easy to cause vomiting. After the anesthetic is completely ineffective, it is recommended to feed half of the usual, so as not to eat too much; it is best to return to the normal diet after the first bowel movement.During the sterilization operation, the blood flow of the dog is generally about 2 ml, and there is no need to supplement special nutrients. There is a 7-10 day wound recovery period after surgery.

6. What else do I need to prepare?

1. Elizabeth collar. Prevent the dog from licking the wound, and the wound can easily cause the wound to become inflamed, swollen, or even bitten.

2. Diapers. After the dog returns, the anesthesia may not be completely ineffective, and there may be cases of urinary incontinence.

3. Dog Towels, wipes, etc. Dogs may drool and wipes can be used for cleaning.

4. Eye drops. When the anesthesia has not expired, the dog's eyes may be dry, and the eye drops may be dripped to prevent the cornea from drying out.

5. Garbage bags. In case of vomiting, you can use it.

6. Blankets and bed. If it is a sterilization operation in winter, you can keep your dog warm with comfortable bed and blankets.

We can provide the necessary items after the dog is sterilized, consult us for a detailed list.

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