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Should a three-month dog eat dog food in advance?

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Should a three-month dog eat dog food in advance?

The puppies within three months, especially those that have just been bought, the puppies are in the stage just after weaning. Due to changes in the living environment, they tend to be uneasy and have poor appetite, which leads to easy illness, vomiting, and serious death. Therefore, parents need to have enough patience and care to take care of them. Food is directly linked to their health, and today Petstar will talk to you about the three-month dog diet.

Don't let the dog eat dry dog food too early

For puppies within 3 months, it is recommended to feed foods that are easier to digest, such as wet dog food, porridge, and goat milk. If you find that the dog does not like to eat when feeding the wet dog food, you can feed the wet dog food with goat milk powder, which can make the dog produce appetite, on the other hand, it can also increase nutrition and facilitate their physical development.

Many people ask how many times a dog is fed every day. It is recommended to feed at least 3-4 times a day. For puppies with poor appetite, the method of eating small meals can be used. After the first time, the dog's appetite is strong, and at the same time, adding less diligence can make it always feel full. Parents who care too much about dogs should not be fed too much or fed too well because of the pitifulness of the dog's sprouts, which can easily lead to obesity or malnutrition, which is said to be a common cause of dog death.

Prepare homemade food feeding

Many pet owners are busy with their usual work, or feel troubled. They only give dog food to dogs every day. Of course, if it is a professional dog food, there are many people who often buy some inferior dog food. This is a persecution for dogs in three months. The three-month-old dog is the golden stage of the long body. It needs a lot of nutrients and is very particular. If you don't like to buy those professional dog foods, please take some time and simply make some foods. For example, you can Give the dog 2-3 cooked eggs a week, not too much. In addition, you can usually cook some vegetables, cornmeal, bone soup, cooked food to feed, which is conducive to balanced nutrition. More homemade dog food spectrum contact us to get.

Medium and large dogs need timely calcium supplementation

There is no doubt that if your dog is a medium to large dog, it has a lot of exercise and it is necessary to give them calcium. So how do you make calcium for dogs and let them successfully absorb calcium to achieve calcium supplementation? Usually, pet owners believe that dogs can be supplemented with calcium by feeding them with calcium-rich foods, but this is not the case.

Parents need to pay attention: when supplementing calcium, you need to pay attention to vitamin supplement and calcium phosphate formula, because simply eating more calcium-rich foods, in fact, the effect of calcium supplementation on dogs is very poor, it is recommended to give dogs some super-calcium, calcium-phosphorus, vitamin D formula, it is beneficial to absorb calcium. In addition, if you have time, you can take the dog to sunbathe, because the ultraviolet light in the sun can better help the dog and dog body to absorb calcium and improve the efficiency of calcium supplementation.

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