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Ten misunderstandings of dog feeding

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Ten misunderstandings of dog feeding

Parents of all dogs must hope to give their dogs the best. Some owners worry that dogs will not be fully nutritious when they eat dog food. They often add food to their dogs, but it is important to note that many food dogs cannot eat. If you are a qualified owner of your dog, you must be responsible for their food safety. Let's look at the misunderstanding of dog feeding.

Myth 1: Rice + viscera

This is the most common mistake. This type of eating is most likely to cause skin problems in dogs, such as long eczema, itchy skin and dander. So be sure to give them the liver they love, and change the taste. If the dog often eats rice, it is easy to make the lower body of the dog hypertrophy, forming a non-standard body shape.

Myth 2: Seafood

Some parents think that the high lecithin content in seafood is good for dogs' hair. They often feed dogs with seafood, but eating more seafood can cause indigestion and gastrointestinal disorders. Some dogs may also cause allergic reactions and diarrhea.

Myth 3: Fish bone and Chicken Bones

Because the dog's tooth structure is different from that of human beings, it is generally used to swallow the things that have not been chewed, which often causes vomiting, constipation or diarrhea. Both the chicken bone and the fish bone are sharp and narrow, and it is easy to get stuck in the throat. It is also easy to scratch the mucosa of the digestive tract after entering the digestive tract. We can give a small amount of beef bone or pork bones to the dog. In fact, the dog's bones are just a hobby. Eating bones does not make the dog's bones strong.

Myth 4: The owner's meals

The food we eat contains a lot of salt, oil and other condiments, and some even contain a lot of spices, these foods are not suitable for feeding dogs. An adult dog needs to eat 5% salt of food. Too much oil and salt is bad for their body and even cause their stomach upset. Don't use people's bowls to pack food for pets, use special pet bowls, and develop good eating habits for dogs.

Myth 5: Chicken + Pork + Beef

Dogs are very fond of eating meat. It can be eaten once in a while. If you feed it for a long time, in addition to the habit of eclipse and picky eating, it will be easy for them to develop diseases in the mouth, such as Tooth decay, long tartar, etc., is generally more common is the oral odor.

Myth 6: Chocolate

Needless to say, feeding the dog to eat chocolate is the most terrible. According to the data, the theobromine contained in the chocolate may cause poisoning in dogs. Poisoning may cause excessive activity, vomiting, and rapid heartbeat breathing. Frequent urination and even death due to loss of cardiovascular function. Therefore: it is absolutely forbidden to feed the dog to eat chocolate!

Myth 7: Milk

Although the nutritional value of milk is high, the content of lactose and fat is also high. The stomach of the dog is not easy to digest and absorb, and it may cause diarrhea. So don't give them milk. If you have a puppy, you can properly feed the goat's milk, or you can give the dog occasionally some yogurt.

Myth 8: Onions

The smell of onions can affect the smell of pets, and the ingredients of onions can destroy red blood cells and cause anemia. If the dog often eats onions, the dog will easily grow the skin, and the onion stimulates the dog's stomach. It is absolutely forbidden to give them something to eat.

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