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The reason why cats have a special liking for catnip

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The reason why cats have a special liking for catnip

For cats, there is a magical plant, catnip. When a cat smells or eats, it changes. What is catnip? Why is it so attractive to cats? Come and learn with petstar!

What is catnip?

Catnip is a type of plant that can make cats illusory. It helps cats to spit out the hairy plants in the stomach. It is also called "cat grass" or "weed grass." It has a thrilling effect on felines and smells of a cool scent. About 50% of the cats are very interested in the smell of the grass and like to grab the bite. Compounds secreted by catnip bind to neurosensory receptors in the nasal cavity and then activate specific brain regions. These brain areas control the mood and habits of the cat.But in general, don't use catnip for young cats. Many experts recommend trying catmint after 6 months. Catnip does not last long, usually 15-20 minutes, cats are not addictive, so it is still very safe.Catnip is also widely used in a variety of cat products.

The role and use of catnip

1. Sedatives and stimulants

For cats in extreme anxiety and nervousness, catnip can calm them down and return to relaxation, while for overweight and lazy cats, catnip is the best stimulant to make them more active.

2. relieve flatulence

Catnip is often used to relieve flatulence in humans. In fact, this effect is equally useful for cats. Most of the symptoms of flatulence in cats are due to improper diet, indigestion and accidental swallowing of air, and catnip can effectively alleviate flatulence caused by the above reasons.

3. Improve skin condition

Cats are prone to poor skin condition due to irritation and allergies, while catnip tea baths not only help them to alleviate skin diseases caused by irritation, but also play a deworming role. But catnip can only play a role in adjuvant therapy and is not a substitute for drugs.

Type of catnip product

Catnip toy

Catnip toys are the products that many owners use to manage and train cats, and they also have good effects on those who are overweight or depressed. They can increase their activity and increase their physical activity.The two key factors in choosing such products are the freshness and filling density of catnip, as the effectiveness of catnip disappears over time, so it's best to choose products that are actually filled with catnip plants. The cat toys provided by petstar are high quality, high quality catnip.

Dry catnip

This is the most classic and most common way to use catnip. Cat owners can use dry catnip on almost all cat-related products, from toys to cat scratchers or cat climbing frames, and even food.Dry catnip is a very effective training aid. For example, sprinkle some catnip on a cat climbing tree or a toy to focus the cat's attention here.

Fresh catnip

Fresh catnips usually contain more nepetalactone, so they are more attractive to cats, but they are more difficult to store and use less. Many pet shops now sell kits for growing catnip, and you can choose to grow catnip at home.

Catnip spray

Catnip spray is a relatively easy-to-use product that can add catnip essence to almost any item, such as toys, cat litter, cat scratch boards, and more, any item that the owner wants to attract cats.

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