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These are reminding you - the dog should be calcium!

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These are reminding you - the dog should be calcium!

Dog growth requires adequate calcium nutrition. If the body is deficient in calcium, then there will be various calcium deficiency manifestations. Calcium deficiency can cause dogs to grow up unhealthy and leave diseases that endanger their lives. So what happens when a dog is deficient in calcium, and how should it help calcium?

The symptoms of calcium deficiency in dogs

1.Skeletal problem

Calcium deficiency in dogs can lead to a variety of bone problems, such as joint deformation, X-legs, O-legs, ribs and other valgus.

2. Hair problem

If the dog is deficient in calcium, the hair will darken. The amount of hair will be less than that of other dogs of the same age.

3. Dental problems

When the dog is deficient in calcium during the tooth replacement period, there will be cases where the milk teeth do not fall off, the permanent teeth grow slowly, and the double teeth are arranged. Some dogs show that the teeth are not arranged neatly and the teeth are large. If dogs are deficient in calcium in adulthood, they are often prone to various dental diseases such as gingivitis.

4. Muscle problems

Dogs with severe calcium deficiency may have muscle weakness.

5. Lactation female dogs lack calcium

If dogs are deficient in calcium after production, they may have symptoms of convulsions, difficulty breathing, and inability to stand. Most dogs are also associated with elevated body temperature.

6. Other issues

Calcium-deficient dogs are not energetic, their appetite is poor, and they are thin. Some dogs also have a hunger strike.

If the dog has the above calcium deficiency, how to make calcium for dogs?

Method of supplementing calcium with dogs

1.Diet therapy

It is better to eat more foods with high calcium content. Dog milk and goat milk are good. Raw milk is easy to cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs, so it is not recommended. There is also no benefit in supplementing calcium with bone soup. At this time, the owner is best to feed foods with high calcium content and foods containing probiotics, which can also regulate the stomach, promote digestion, and strengthen bones. Occasionally give some vegetables and fruits to them, so that nutrition can be more comprehensive!

2. Sunning

Taking the dog with the sun can promote the absorption of vitamin D, thus promoting the absorption of calcium by dogs. Prepare a custom-made collar and leash for the dog, and you can exercise with the dog.

3. Drug treatment

If the dog's calcium deficiency is very serious, pet hospitals generally choose liquid calcium, and inject vitamin D3, oral vitamin D2, vitamin D3, etc. or vitamin supplementation through MAG.

Quickly check your dog for calcium deficiency according to this article. If you need calcium tablets, dog outdoor products, etc., you can browse our website or consult our pet experts, we are looking forward to your information.

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