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Tips For Jumping Rope

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Jumping rope is a relatively common way of exercise, which can achieve the effect of strengthening the body and losing weight. Of course, the correct way to jump rope is also very important. If the method is not correct, then the effect achieved is not as good. Here are some tips on how to jump rope.

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When jumping rope, you must learn to control the jump rope. You can measure the length of the jump rope, and then fold it to see if the length is standard. The length should be from the armpit to the ground, which is the most standard. Then place both hands by the side of the body in a vertical position, so that the arms and elbows form a right angle. Then hold the two rope ends in the right hand and start swinging, rotating in circles. Until the right hand can move freely, and then switch to the left hand to do the same action, the beating must follow the rhythm of the rope. The first stage of action is to turn the rope. You should hear the sound of the rope as it hits the ground, and each time it should be connected to form a beat. This not only allows the rope to turn, but also allows both feet to jump together. Until the beating of both feet can follow the rotation, the hands and feet can be carried out at the same time. Jumping rope can make the coordination of muscles better. As long as the movements are correct at the beginning, the posture will be easy to standardize. After you are proficient at this stage, you can jump with both feet together, and the rope should pass under your feet every time you jump up. The speed can be slower so that the tenacity of the legs can become stronger, if the speed is fast, the endurance can become better, and the fat can be effectively consumed.

Before jumping rope to lose weight, you must pay attention to warm-up exercises, which can exercise the ankles, waist, knees, wrists and shoulders. Be sure not to drink too much water before jumping rope, and you should also do stretching exercises after jumping rope. Many people are afraid that jumping rope too much will make their calves thicker. At this time, they should do stretching exercises and adjust their breathing to relax their bodies.

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