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To Build A LED Light Cube With Arduino Board

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Arduino is all about exploring what's possible. It would be fun to build LED light cubes with an Arduino board! Let's do it together.

Step 1: Prepare the template

The template is the basis of the LED light cube. Here we will use a 3 x 3 inch template.

Step 2: Build the Cube

Now we start to assemble the cube. Assembling with glue sticks or double-sided tape works best. Fold and glue to each side, one at a time, until you have only one side left to glue. Leave that side open so you can add your LED.

arduino (1)

Step 3: Make a Shade and Decorate Your Light Cube

Decorate your light cube with your craft supplies, markers, colored pencils, and more! You can draw flowers, patterns or anything you like on paper. Then use them as shells or shadows for light cubes.

Step 4: Add LED

A simpler construction is to attach the LED to the USB cable with some tape and plug it into the USB. The cube may come loose when you move it, so make sure the LED is firmly glued to the power supply. If you want more light, just add more LED. If you want to get really creative, build a bracket inside the cube to hold the LED and battery in place. Or take it a step further and add a gravity switch so it turns on when you flip the cube over.

Step 5: Attach the Lampshade

Put on the lampshade you drew and you'll have a full color LED light cube!

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