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Twinkling of an eye,The pet catches a cold

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The weather is always changeable at this time of the year

It was sunny the other day

I guess it's going to be the rhythm of summer

Ive had enough of this sun

There was a sudden heavy rain

We're back to winter


We can no longer bear the vagaries of the weather

Not to mention our frail pets

In recent days, my friends say that their pets have a cold


In the early cold

Cough, clear nose

Spirit, appetite is not too big problem

Increased bloodshot eyes, eye excrement, slightly watery eyes



Have a terrible cold

Cough more serious, purulent mucus

Poor spirit, poor appetite

High body temperature and even fever



Other similar conditions



For an early cold

It has been confirmed that it is not canine distemper or other diseases

Be sure to keep warm

Keep the room temperature constant

Drink more water

Strengthen nutrition


Generally, it can be cured in about a week

If you look at it for a few days and there's no sign of improvement

It's better to get to the hospital in time


First, keep warm

Most colds are caused by the temperature difference and catching cold

So want to eliminate the cause of disease, do a good job of warmth

Especially the dog who usually goes for a walk

Pay attention to the temperature difference before and after you go out


Drink water and nutrients

Drink plenty of water when you have a cold, and so do dogs

Do not want to drink, you can add a little sheep milk powder in the water to increase palatability

Except for dry food

You can feed the dog to eat more staple food cans, homemade rice and other supplements

Increase resistance

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