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What about cat estrus?

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What about cat estrus?

For cats, estrus is a physiological instinct rather than a desire, so when it reaches estrus, it will run around, often losing. Once lost, the host will be particularly sad, what should I do? Let's take a look together!

Cat estrus performance

Female cat:

When the female cat just started to estrus, she likes to honed between her master's legs. She often raises the tail actively, and when she encounters a heterosexual cat, she will also make a "squeaky" cry.

During this time, the cat spirit was in a state of excitement, the appetite was greatly reduced, and even refused to eat. The temper becomes restless and often screams loudly, the voice is completely different from normal, and the genitals are also congested. A few female cats also have the habit of urinating during estrus.

Male cat:

When the male cat is in estrus, the most obvious feature is the enuresis behavior, and it is screaming loudly in the middle of the night. I like to urinate anywhere, feeling uneasy, thinking about ways to run away from home and looking for mating objects. The reproductive system is congested.The standing position will also be taken, the tail will be lifted, and the urine will be sprayed on the vertical object. When the urine is sprayed, the tail will be accompanied by shaking.

What about cat estrus?

1. To calm the cat's mood and not let it go out, it is very likely that the cat will not come back when he goes out.

2. If you want a kitten, you can find a partner for the cat.

3. Sterilization is the best way to effectively avoid false pregnancy, pyometra, tumor, prostatitis, ovarian cysts and other physical diseases. Try to sterilize before the first estrus. If the cat does not do it afterwards, it will still habitually do some estrus.

4. The master can help the cat to spend a good period of estrus. You can use a cat stick or a cat ball to attract his attention, caress him a lot, and gives him different canned cats and wet food.

What about cat estrus?

1. Don't use the "cotton swab" on the Internet to help the female cat to spend estrus, because the uterus is swollen and fragile. Also don't rub the male cat with a damp cotton swab. The male cat is very sensitive during estrus, so be careful to be scratched or bitten.

2. Do not bathe the cat during the cat's estrus.

3. The owner can prepare new cat toys and cat litter to distract the cat's attention and avoid frequent estrus. On petstar's website, you can find thousands of cat products, come find your pet's exclusive toy.

The above is about how to deal with the cat's estrus knowledge, pay attention to us, you will also know when the cat is doing sterilization, the precautions for sterilization and other related content.

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