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What does the dog do when he is at home alone?

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What does the dog do when he is at home alone?

Dogs are companion pets and need to be cared for and accompanied by people. But nowadays people are very busy with their work. They usually cannot be at home during the day, so they have to leave the dogs at home. The dog owners are very interested in what the dogs do at home alone. Let's take a look at what dogs do at home.

What does the dog do at home alone?


According to investigations, some quiet dogs sleep in a hidden corner or warm pet bed when they are alone at home. Dogs spend most of their time sleeping. Generally, a dog spends more than 15 hours a day going to bed. Getting enough sleep can make them healthier, so the most common thing when dogs are home alone is to sleep.

Shoot the door

When the puppies are kept alone in the room, they will feel lonely. They will use their front paws to pick up the door and make a sound, hoping that the owner will release it. However, if there is no response, the dog will stop this behavior after a while, but when it is heard that the owner or someone is approaching the door, it will continue to pick up the door to attract attention.

Play with toys

When pets are bored, they will have fun on their own, such as biting shoes, dog bowls, toys or dog bed, and sometimes even mess up the house. Owners should not blame pets too much, they just lack your company and care.

How to make a dog at home not boring?

1.Enough exercise

Many times the dog feels bored because there is too much energy to vent. Once you give your dogs plenty of exercise, they will rest all day and not be bored. Most dogs need at least 45 minutes of walking, preferably twice a day, and big dogs need more exercise. You can use the pet running kit to have a morning run with your pet in the morning.

2.Make dining time fun

Turning mealtime into games will help your dog enjoy entertainment. Try a feeding tray, stuff some peanut butter or wet food into a classic snack ball, let them use their brains and think about how to get good food to alleviate their boredom. This kind of pet educational toy can not only relieve the boredom of pets, but also exercise their intelligence.

3. Prepare new toys

Dogs' preferences for toys change with age. Many puppies like rubber chewing toys because they are growing teeth. Many big dogs like cotton ropes and toys that make sounds. In addition to giving the dog toys when leaving, it is best to accompany the dog when the owner returns home, because with the owner's participation, pets will be more happiness.

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