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What if the cat got a cat ringworm?

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What if the cat got a cat ringworm?

The first thing to say is that once you find that the cat has a cat ringworm, don't panic. Cat ringworm is a very common cat skin disease that can be cured. Below we tell you how to deal with cat ringworm.

What is cat ringworm?

The term "cat ringworm" is medically known as fungus, so the essence of cat ringworm is fungal infection. Cat ringworm is generally caused by two fungi, Microsporum canis and Trichophyton mentas. Most of them are Microsporum canis. This fungal infection can cause round scarring on the skin. Covering the dander, and finally the hair here will fall off.

How do you tell if a cat has a cat ringworm?

After infecting the cat ringworm, the cat's head, the back of the ear, the hindquarters of the extremities, and other parts of the body appear local hair loss. The hair removal area has ring-shaped scaly spots, scattered dandruff, or complete hair removal. The skin sees red rash and the hair removal area covers. Oily crusting, scraping off the epidermis and exploding the flushed or festered epidermis.

Cats infected with cat ringworm can affect appetite. If you look carefully, you can find that the cats will often bite the diseased part. Observe that the cat hair that the cat has fallen is a cluster. This disease does not affect health, but it is very difficult to thoroughly Radical, and also very contagious to people.

Cat ringworm treatment

Slight symptom

It is recommended to use a medicated bath: the imported anti-fungal shampoo is cleaned by treatment.

If the cat is not vaccinated or is in the vaccination period, a topical medicated bath (partial scrub) can be used. The frequency of the medicated bath is 3 days/time at the beginning, and if the symptoms are alleviated, the frequency can be appropriately lowered.

Note: After the cat's hair is full of no abnormalities, it should be washed 2 or 3 times. Finally, it is confirmed by the hospital that no fungus can stop treatment.

Severe infection

The use of antifungal oral medications, strictly according to the dose, has little effect on liver and kidney. In addition, during cat medication, the owner also needs to pay attention to indoor sanitation, dust removal and disinfection, and nutritional support for cats.


1. The mat and nest of the cat should be washed frequently. After washing, it must be exposed to the sun. Ultraviolet rays can kill the fungus. The cat's toilet should also be cleaned regularly. Please use a pet-specific sterilization equipment to kill the fungus.

2. Healthy cats rarely suffer from cat ringworm. Usually, cats with weak constitution are prone to cat ringworm. At the same time of treatment, we must increase the usual diet and nutrition for the cat, protein, vitamins, etc. to make up. Let the cat basking in the sun and use ultraviolet ray to help restore.

3. If the cat ringworm is near the mouth and cannot control the cat's mole with the collar, do not rub the medicine, strengthen the nutrition, and wait for self-healing. The treatment of cat ringworm can be very slow and control it does not continue to spread.

4. Cat ringworm has the possibility of infecting people. Take care of cats with cat ringworm. You should also pay attention to your own cleaning and disinfection. People also eat vitamins every day to increase their resistance.If you accidentally get infected, there will be round plaques, use the relevant skin disease ointment to rub the affected area, usually pay attention to cleaning and disinfection, you can heal; if you are allergic or more serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for related treatment.

The above is about how to deal with cat ringworm, have you learned? Follow us to learn more about pets.

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