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What if the dog ate something that should not be eaten?

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What if the dog ate something that should not be eaten?

If you have a dog, you will understand that dogs often eat something they should not eat just out of curiosity. You may have heard some terrible stories about a certain dog being taken to the hospital to remove foreign objects from the stomach. If your puppy eats something that shouldn't be eaten, take him to the hospital? Or wait for it to drain itself?

What are the signs of what the pet is eating outside?

If your dog shows any of the following symptoms, it may mean that he may have eaten toxic things: vomiting / abdominal pain / loss of appetite / lethargy / abnormal behavior / diarrhea or constipation, The above symptoms may be due to the dog Eating something that should not be eaten.

What should I do if the dog eats something that should not be eaten?

If your dog swallows strange items, you should take it to the animal hospital as soon as possible and ask a professional doctor to evaluate the diagnosis. Parents should not wait to see if they can be excreted through their own efforts; do not try to induce vomiting, without the help of a professional doctor, this may bring greater risks.

Treatment programs

If the doctor suspects that something has been eaten, they may use X-rays to determine the appropriate treatment. In severe cases, the vet can help your dog to induce vomiting.

Some foods may need to be judged by gastroscopy. If this is the case, the doctor will take a long tube down to your dog's throat and remove the foreign body from her belly. This involves less risk and the only need is to recover from anesthesia.

However, if a foreign body has passed through the stomach into the intestine, this requires surgery. Without timely surgery, there is a risk of intestinal obstruction, and even the removal of the intestines increases the risk of complications.

How to prevent your pet from eating foreign objects outside?

The best way is to take preventive measures. If parents know that their dogs are prone to eating some foreign objects, they are not allowed to get close. “A lot of parents told me that their dog likes to eat plush toys, so simply don’t give it a plush toy. There are other toys that give something that it won’t eat, such as rubber toys,tpr toys.In fact, good quality plush toys are no problem.

If the dog is found to be eating something that should not be eaten, the dog owner should train and guide so that the dog knows that it should not be eaten next time. At the same time, the common sense knowledge that some pets can't eat should also be known, such as not eating chocolate, grapes, broken bones, onions, etc. for pets.

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