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What if the dog does not eat?

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What if the dog does not eat?

Nowadays, there are more and more people who have dogs, especially those who are young and old. We often encounter one thing, you suddenly find that dogs do not eat. Are you worried about the anorexia of dogs? I hope this article will help you.

The cause of anorexia in dogs

1.Physiological anorexia

Dogs may also not eat when they are in physiology such as estrus, pregnancy, and changing teeth. It is mainly caused by changes in hormones in the body, which is reasonable and normal.

Note: Physiological anorexia generally has no symptoms of onset, whether it is normal, mental, body temperature or urine.

2. Illness causes anorexia

Dogs usually have symptoms of not eating at the beginning of the disease. At the same time, sick dogs are also associated with fever, diarrhea, vomiting and other diseases. At this time, the main people will pay more attention to it and treat it in time.

3. Behavioral diseases

It is also necessary to raise the dog's breeding. If you feed the dog too much snacks or human food from time to time, it will lead to dog picky.The dog diet should be balanced and homemade dog food will be healthier and more comprehensive. If you don't know how to make dog food, you can check out our homemade dog food spectrum.

4. Gastroenteritis

When the dog is outside, the owner does not pay attention, eats flowers and plants, or eats grass balls and other things because of curiosity. If you eat too much food, it will cause gastroenteritis. If you go home, you will not eat anything.

Solution for dogs not eating

1.Promote appetite

Prepare some easily digestible foods and feed them with small meals. You can let it eat something that it can eat, first to promote its appetite. Of course, some food-promoting products can also be used. Such as nutritional cream, healthy snacks and the like.

2. Symptomatic treatment

It is normal for sick dogs not to eat. It is important to note that in addition to daily dietary improvement and adjustment, it is also necessary to diagnose and treat the sick dog.

3. Reasonable exercise

Increase the amount of exercise of the dog, do not over-indulge, just feed the dog food on time, do not follow the dog's preference. In addition, when going out, pay attention to the dog, don't let it eat something that should not be eaten.

You can prepare some toys for your pet, such as a frisbee, squeaker toy, and floating toys, which not only allows the dog to exercise, but also enhances the feelings of the pet.

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