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What if the dog has arthritis?

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What if the dog has arthritis?

Osteoarthritis and joint pain are the most common ailments in dogs today. If the dog is not found to have arthritis in time, the condition will worsen, and the dog is facing the danger of paralysis! In order for your dog to be active with you for as long as possible, I want to give you some important tips today, what to do to prevent and treat osteoarthritis.

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis refers to excessive joint wear, including destruction of articular cartilage, thinning of synovial fluid, and contraction of the joint capsule. These symptoms can cause pain and inconvenience. This common disease is common in older dogs, but puppies are also increasingly affected. Such diseases cannot be cured, which is why prevention is especially important.

How do you judge whether a dog has osteoarthritis?

The sooner the dog receives osteoarthritis, the better the effect. If your dog is a bit stiff, weak or falls, climbing other stairs and other activities than usual, it may be the first sign of osteoarthritis. Doctors can detect swelling, pain or sensitivity by palpation of the joint system.

Prevention of dog osteoarthritis

1.Strictly control weight

The dog's joints bear the weight of the body. Excessive weight will undoubtedly increase the load on the joints. It will cause arthritis or aggravate the arthritis in the long run. The owner should properly feed the dog and avoid excessive obesity. The owner can make a diet plan, which can help the dog to effectively control the weight by regularly and quantitatively, and when eating less.

2. Proper exercise

Lack of exercise is difficult to promote the secretion of synovial fluid, but excessive exercise can easily aggravate joint wear and exercise. Long-term excessive movement of dogs can lead to increased joint wear. Some parents even train the dog to stand, which is very big for the joint damage of the dog. Perform appropriate moderate exercise, control the amount of exercise, and try to choose some softer venues for exercise.

3. Pay attention to moisture and warmth

The place where the dog lives should be kept dry and warm, because cold and dampness can aggravate the symptoms of dog arthritis. You can add a cushion to the place where the dog sleeps or choose a thick bed. Wear a windproof warm jacket for outdoor sports in winter.

4. The right diet

Cereals are thought to promote inflammation and should therefore be avoided. Petstar recommends that dogs should have a balanced diet, including meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, to strengthen the immune system. A balanced and diverse diet combined with natural and balanced nutritional supplements has a positive impact on cartilage and bone structure.

How to improve and treat dog arthritis

1.Drug supplement

Adding a large amount of glucosamine to the dog can prevent the joints from rubbing and pain, and relieve the pain, stiffness and swelling caused by arthritis.

2. Other aspects

Don't let the dog climb the stairs, the exercise intensity should not be too big, and the outdoor rest should be sufficient. It is best for the dog to live indoors and put a blanket on the floor to keep it warm.

Joint problems are inevitably encountered in almost every dog. Arthritis is also one of the most common types of joint diseases. Paying attention to the bone health of dogs and early detection and early treatment are worthy of attention for every parent.

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