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What if the kitten steals?

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What if the kitten steals?

Does your cat often steal food? It is also common practice for cats to steal food. Although the owner usually buys good cat food for his cat, but for various reasons, the cat may still steal. If a cat steals something that is unsafe, it is likely to directly affect the health of the cat. What should I do if the cat steals something? Petstar teaches you a few tricks.

Make sure the cat does not touch the food

You can install a pet fence at the door of your home kitchen or in the restaurant to prevent cats from entering. Or seal the food and stop the cat from stealing.

Adjust feeding methods and times

Another reason for cats to steal food may be that the cat is really hungry, and the owner has to think about whether his feeding is correct. According to normal feeding, we should follow the principle of eating small meals and feeding 3-4 times a day. Use pet dry food with cat cans and use this matching pet food.


After discovering that the cat has stolen food, it must be educated. For example, the attack behavior of spraying water on it makes it form a conditioned reflex, knowing that stealing food is a bad behavior. If you don't pay attention to it, the cat will default to this behavior. If it accidentally eats some expired food or harmful food, it will not be worth the candle.

Supplementary food

Some cats steal because of slight pica, such as they like to eat plastic bags or eat the strange food of cat sand, this time you can give it some trace elements and vitamins to improve. Cat snacks and nutritious creams are good choices.

Increase the activity of the cat

Food is always related to the natural energy of the cat's hunting. If you can consume energy through play, then you will be very close to stopping the cat from stealing food. The most effective way is to play with the cat using interactive toys and move the cat like a real prey. Let the cat catch it and bite it from time to time. You must also provide enough activity for the cat to play. Cat toys that make sounds, various types of cat sticker toy, cat scratching boards for scratching, etc. You can find many cat toys for cat games on petstar's website.

Take the cat to the hospital for examination

Cat stigma may be caused by several health disorders, the most common of which is diabetes and hyperthyroidism. The worm also causes the cat to constantly want food and steal it. For each disease, the most reliable method of successful treatment is early diagnosis. If you find that the cat can't change the habit of stealing after training, you can take the cat to the local pet hospital to check if the cat is sick.

Keep in mind that from a cat's point of view, stealing things or simply getting them is a natural act. Your cat doesn't even suspect that you are doing bad things. In order to avoid all kinds of risks, it is necessary to solve the problem of cats stealing food as soon as possible, but I believe that under the guidance of the master, the cat will change the behavior of stealing.

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