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What is the reason for the dog's eyes to turn red?

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What is the reason for the dog's eyes to turn red?

The dog's eyes are the more fragile parts of the body. The owner will worry that when the dog's eyes turn red, tears, eyes and other problems, do you know what the symptoms are? How should the owner respond and prevent? The following petstar helps you find problems and solve them in time through the analysis of six common eye diseases in dogs.


It is an inflammation of the painful conjunctiva, which may be caused by infection, scratching, congenital disease, eyelid tumor or irritant in the eye such as dust or smoke.

Symptoms: It includes tearing, rubbing your eyes, and redness. When the cornea is inflamed, the cornea begins to turbid, even dark blue or completely opaque. The whitening of the eye will then be severely congested, and in the end, chronic inflammation may even cause the melanin membrane to spread from one end of the eye to the other.

Treatment: If the cause of inflammation can be treated in time, the condition can be terminated or slowed down, and melanin membrane can sometimes be removed by fine surgery.

2. Keratitis

When the item enters the eye, the dog will rub his eyes with the front or hind legs. If the dog accidentally hurts the eyes, it may cause keratitis. It may also develop from severe conjunctivitis. The difference with conjunctivitis is that the dog's eyes should look less red.

Symptoms: When the dog is sick, the dog will close his eyes, the cornea is white and cloudy, it is very painful, and it may cause corneal ulcer and affect vision.

Treatment: Similar to the treatment of conjunctivitis, eye drops can be used to relieve pain in dogs. But be sure to go to the hospital, the doctor will open some antibiotics to help treatment.

3. Corneal ulcer

Corneal ulcers are caused by trauma, orbital varus, keratitis, and the wound continues to the depth of the cornea covering the surface of the eye.

Symptoms: There is a purulent eyelid and a lot of tears. Pain can cause eyelid spasms and the eyes can't open completely.

Treatment: Mild symptoms can depend on medication, but sometimes surgery is required. If the treatment is not timely, it may cause blindness.

4. Cataract

Cataract is a disease in which the transparency of the eye is weakened and the vision is reduced. There are also many reasons for cataracts, which are congenital reasons, older or caused by trauma. If you find that the dog's eyes are not bright or clear, pay attention to whether the dog has a cataract.

Symptoms: Like a human cataract, there is a white film covering the eyes, which can cause blindness.

Treatment: Some eye drops can be used to inhibit the progression of the disease. Once the lens of the eyeball is cloudy, it is difficult to restore the original state.

5. Eyelid varus

The eyelid inversion is the innermost side of the dog's upper eyelid, which is turned into the eye.

Symptoms: Dogs keep blinking, eyes are white, blood, eye drops, and the amount of tears increases. In addition, it may cause corneal diseases, and the eyeballs may become cloudy.

Treatment: In most cases, surgery can be performed. Mild varus sometimes heals itself as the dog grows older.

6. Dry eye syndrome

Dog dry eye disease, also known as canine keratoconjunctivitis, usually does not cause eye dryness; however, in some cases, the cornea may ulcer or even perforate, which may eventually lead to retinal degeneration and blindness.

Symptoms: The dog's tear secretion is reduced.

Treatment: The initial consideration is to reduce the growth of bacteria, and eye cases often have a lot of purulent mucus secretions, which are more conducive to bacterial growth. Artificial tears are often used to supplement tears, and there are many products to choose from.

Don't wait for the dog to get sick to get attention. Prevention is the main thing. When you choose to keep a pet, you have to be responsible for his life.

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