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What should I do--- My dog vomits!

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What should I do--- My dog vomits!

Dogs seem to be very prone to vomiting. Sometimes dogs eat unclean things or stomach vomiting is a kind of self-protection. It is not a problem for dogs. But when the dog vomits, we should pay attention to the time of vomiting, the things spit out, the reasons for vomiting. I hope the following article about dog vomiting can help you.

dog vomits

Causes of dog vomiting

1. The dog is sick

When you find that dogs are languid, they don't like sports, and the dog food that they eat will spit out. You should pay attention to whether the dog is sick or not. Dog blood in the stool and diarrhea can also cause vomiting. You should use a warm dog bed to keep your dog warm, or use comfortable clothes and blankets for it.

2. Dogs vomit are food that is not digested

Dogs are too eager to eat food. They swallowed without chewing, and then the exercise is too intense. They may spit out the food they have eaten. This is a rumor and a measure of self-protection.If the owner does not clean the vomit in time, the dog may return the vomit. Therefore, the owner needs to clean in time and use the dog bowl to refeed. Some digestive tablets such as lactase or yeast tablets can be placed in the food.

dog vomits

The precautions of dog vomiting

1. Dogs spit yellow water and smell bad

Dogs spit yellow water because they eat more fiercely. It is generally a problem of gastritis caused by overeating. Sometimes the dog has a good appetite. The dog eats a lot of dog food every time and comes with canned snacks. It may vomit some yellow water and it tastes very heavy. This means that the dog has symptoms of stomach inflammation. The solution is quite simple. The owner should properly control the dog's diet and use an automatic feeder to avoid eating more dogs.

dog vomits

2. Be careful with the color of the vomiting thing

If there is a different color in the spit, you should be alert. This may be due to the condition. For example, the thing that spits is yellow-green, which may be bile. Brown may be gastric juice, which means that a large probability is caused by gastric bleeding, which may be due to duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer. The owner needs to send the dog to the hospital for inspection in time.

Treatment of dog vomiting

1. If there are no more serious symptoms, fasten the dog for 24 hours (the puppies are fasted for 12 hours). Water can continue to be supplied.

2. If the dog stops vomiting, the owner can give a small amount of digestible light food, such as scrambled eggs. If vomiting is frequent at the time of onset, mix a small amount of brandy in the first food (one teaspoon for large dogs and less for small dogs). If the dog does not vomit after eating, the chicken and lean meat can be cooked and served with bibimbap.

dog vomits

3. After the dog vomits, it should be fed three or four times a day, but the amount should not be large.

4. The next day, if everything is in good condition, you can feed more normal food, but still a small number of times. In the first four days, about two-thirds of the original food should be fed.

5. Hydrogenated aluminum suspension is a good stomach sedative for dogs with vomiting, small dogs, three teaspoons a day, three times a day; large dogs, four times a day, one spoonful each time.

dog vomits

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