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What should you pay attention to when the dog is weaned?

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What should you pay attention to when the dog is weaned?

This period from weaning to 6 months of age is the main stage of dog growth and development, and is also a critical period for cultivating quality dogs. Therefore, the food to be fed must be guaranteed to meet the nutritional needs of its growth and development.

Under normal circumstances, the first 3 months of the birth of the dog is mainly to increase weight and the growth of various parts of the body. 4--6 months is mainly the growth of body length, and after 7 months, it is mainly the increase of height. Therefore, puppies have different needs for nutrition at different stages of development. Below we explain how to raise a weaned dog according to the developmental stage of the dog.

The first month after weaning

The first month after weaning is the most difficult month for puppies to be managed. At this time, the puppies tend to suffer from loss of appetite and emotional restlessness due to sudden changes in eating habits. If this condition persists, the puppy is likely to fall ill. Therefore, during this time, you should feed some foods that are good in taste and easy to digest, and it is best to contain protein ingredients.

The food you prepared for the puppy during this period is very simple: add the appropriate amount of chopped fish, meat or cooked chopped greens to the liquid food such as soy milk, milk, porridge, etc. This is their delicious meal. .

The number of feedings during this period should be based on eating small meals. Feed 4-5 times a day, as long as the dog is only 80% full, to avoid letting the dog eat too much. For dogs with poor appetite, you can use small meals to feed. After the first time, it can improve the attraction of the food to the dog to mobilize the dog's appetite; eating less can make the dog always have a feeling of emptyness, which can correct the dog's picky eating habits.

4--6 month old puppy

During this period, the puppies gain weight quickly, the food intake increases, and the daily feed needs increase. At this time, they are fed at least three times a day.

You can buy dog food instead of the food your dog is used to. Because dog food is produced according to the scientific formula, it can meet the full nutritional needs of dogs, and add the corresponding fragrance to promote the appetite of dogs. Generally, dogs will enjoy eating. In addition, dog food, as well as beef, chicken and other flavors can be selected. For dogs with poor stomach, you can choose to soak the dog food. The precautions for soaking dog food are mentioned in our previous article.

Puppies after 6 months of age

The dog's diet and habits during this time period have gradually entered the right track, feeding twice a day.

Prepare a fixed dog food bowl and water bowl to help the dog develop a good habit. You can also make your own dog food to make a balanced diet.

How do you feed your puppy after weaning? Welcome to share with us.

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