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What we need to prepare before we bring puppy dog home

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It's super exciting to bring a new puppy home .

In this time we have to prepare a lot thing to get your puppy acclimated to his new home quickly. 

We need to decorating the house, buying chew toys and starting potty training.... 

Here are some of the points:

Check the house



Puppies are too young to understand where is safe .If a puppy has something in mouth, it will eat or chew! That is why check your home is important. Your can protect your house from your puppy bad habits and keep your puppy safe.

See your house from a puppy's point of view.Put anything dangerous, wire, or valuables inside the cupboard door or out of reach of the dog.

Put your shoes in an enclosed cabinet.If you don't want your shoe to be a toy to chew on, prevent your puppy from getting it in the first place.

Change to a trash can with a lid.Food smells will attract your puppy, and the cover will ensure he doesn't wonder what's inside.

                                                                                                                  Place proper barricades, such as baby doors or practice pens, to keep your puppy in a safe place.

Shopping list

It's important to have essentials like a kennel and chew toys before you bring your puppy home.Here is shopping list:

A pet cage will keep it safe.You need to choose the right size.If the cage is too big and your puppy will use one end as a toilet, you can make sure it's clean by pet urine pad on the floor.

Collars. Choose according to your dog's breed size and don't forget to put an ID tag on your puppy's collar and leave your phone number and information. 

Leash. Choose a Lanboer automatic Dog Leash with light & water and food bottom & poop bag that will make it a lot easier when you take your dog outside.

Dog food and bowl, to facilitate clean, safety for the first choice.

Chew toys.All dogs like to chew.Especially a teething puppy.Choose chew toys that are not too small for your puppy to prevent choking hazards.

Comb and shear tools.It's never too early for your puppy to learn how to get his nails trimmed and brush his teeth.

Snacks.Simple training can start on your puppy's first day at home, so be prepared with plenty of tasty treats.

Urinal pad for convenient defecation training and cleaning of excreta.


Some tasks that can't be ignored

Name your puppy.Register the dog and vaccinate it.

Introduce your home for puppy 

Your puppy needs time to adjust to its new surroundings.In addition, he will most likely miss his original dog family until he gets used to a human family.Be patient with this transition.Consider the following:

Show your puppy around.Let him know where to find his cage, food and water bowl, and where he should go to the bathroom.But don't let him run around the house on the first day.When she learns the rules, Puppy can go free.

If you already have other pets in the house, we need to carefully introduce your puppy to new friends.

Teach and train puppies


Every interaction between you and your dog builds a bond between you.Here are some training considerations to keep in mind:

From day one, teach him to urinate and defecate regularly.Your dog needs to know where you expect him to defecate.If you do something wrong in the wrong place, just clean it up with detergent, don't beat.

Once your puppy has learned one thing, you can move on to the next exercise, such as deciding if your puppy can get on the couch or bed and become familiar with the commands to sit or wait.Intensive training is needed in daily life to encourage good behaviour

To prevent confusion with your puppy, make sure your entire family is consistent on these rules.

Hope the above information is helpful and you have a great day with your puppy.





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