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When does a newborn puppy deworm and vaccinate?

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When does a newborn puppy deworm and vaccinate?

Many novice owners are very confused when they first start raising dogs: "When is the puppy going to vaccinate and deworm?" Do you know the time?

When is a newborn puppy vaccinated?

Puppies usually start vaccinating after 45 days. Why is it 45 days? Because puppies are born with antibodies that are obtained through the mother's body, these antibodies can make them better able to cope with the outside environment and are more conducive to survival.

The vaccine is actually attenuated. After special treatment, it will not cause harm to the body, but it will stimulate the body to produce the corresponding vaccine antibodies. When a puppy encounters a virus in a later day, it stimulates antibodies in the body, thereby mitigating the disease and reducing the chance of getting sick.

If we vaccinate when the dogs are very small, the antibodies in their bodies will kill the vaccine, and the vaccine will not work well. Therefore, we generally wait until the dog age reaches about 45 days. At this time, the antibodies in their bodies disappeared almost.

When does the dog do deworming?

1. Deworming is divided into two types: deworming in the body, taking medicine for dogs, and deworming in vitro, which need to be dripped behind their necks.

2. The puppy will have to be dewormed for the first time in full moon; the puppy before half-year-old will be dewormed every month, and once every two or three months after half-year; it needs to be done once a month in spring and summer. Deworming in vitro, once every three months in autumn and winter.

3. When the owner purchases the anthelmintic, it must be instructed with the dosage requirements and fed according to the instructions. The external deworming agent is a drop or a spray, and the dosage should be strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Don't neglect the deworming of dogs. Deworming is sometimes more important than vaccines. Regular deworming dogs are healthy and the owner is relieved.

Vaccines and deworming considerations

1. When a dog is vaccinated, an unhealthy dog cannot be vaccinated. Because the vaccine is attenuated. It will aggravate the condition of unhealthy puppies.

2. Do not bathe dogs before and after vaccination and deworming.

3. The dog needs 3 needles for the first vaccine, and the interval is about 20 days. You can only get one shot after the second year.

4. If the dog is deworming inside and outside the body, it is usually at intervals of about half a year. The time of different drugs is different. It is also necessary to eat according to the weight. In specific cases, the pet owner should preferably follow the instructions or doctor's advice. When you feed dog the drugs, you can put it on a soft pet bed which can let it feel comfortable.

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