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Why do dogs eat soil?

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Why do dogs eat soil?

Have you seen dogs eating soil? Why do they eat soil? Let us explore the story of "Dog and Earth" through this article.

Is it harmful for dogs to eat soil?

In fact, most of the dogs do not eat the soil, and the situation of eating soil is not common in dogs. As long as the soil does not contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals, there is no problem with the dog eating a small amount of soil. However, if the dog eats a lot of soil, the owner should pay attention to whether the dog's body has a problem.

The reason why dogs eat soil

1.Unbalanced diet

If you give your dog a homemade dog food, and your dog has a problem with eating soil, then you need to consider whether your menu has a problem. Most dog foods have noticed a balanced diet when they are matched, while homemade dog food is not. The ratio of homemade dog food is not well mastered, and dogs may choose to supplement their intake by eating soil due to lack of certain vitamins or minerals.


Dogs eating soil may be associated with certain conditions. For example, intestinal inflammation can cause intestinal bleeding or ulceration in dogs, leading to anemia in dogs. Sometimes hypothyroidism in dogs may also affect the hematopoietic function of dogs. Dogs that cause anemia because of illness can only help to treat anemia by eating soil to ingest iron and other minerals.

3. Different foods

Like humans, dogs can show bizarre behavior under stress or boring situations, one of which is a eclipse. If the dog is eating because of the eclipse, it may be more important to solve the dog's psychological problems than to correct the behavior itself.

4. Relieve gastrointestinal discomfort

Although eating mud sounds strange, sometimes eating soil can actually help the dog to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. Soil can help dogs clean the inside of the intestines and also help stimulate bowel contractions. Sometimes, dogs with stomach upsets may also eat soil to help vomit.

How to correct the dog to eat soil

1. Adjusting the diet structure

If the dog does not eat very often, then it may be just for nutrition. The owner needs to check or consult the veterinarian if the dog's food is sufficient to provide the nutrients it needs. If not enough, adjust the diet or give it some extra vitamin supplements.

2. Behavior correction

If the dog eats soil frequently, the amount of eating is still relatively large, which may be a symptom of a ecstasy or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The owner needs to first understand the source of the dog's stress. If the dog is caused by boring, the owner can increase the duration of his movement and the amount of exercise to consume excess energy. Choose training toys for dogs, such as pet tennis, Frisbee, etc.

In addition, each time the dog wants to eat the soil, the owner can use the "sit down" or other behavior to offset the action of eating the soil. Behavioral offset can effectively help the dog to quit eating habits.

It is not a big problem for dogs to eat, and the owner does not need to worry too much. Do you have other ways to correct dog eating habits? Welcome to share with us.

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