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Why do dogs have diarrhea after eating food in the refrigerator?

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Why do dogs have diarrhea after eating food in the refrigerator?          

Today's dogs are prone to gastroenteritis. A large part of the reason is caused by improper diet. Especially when eating spoiled food, it is easy to cause dog diarrhea. Since it is difficult for us to feed the dog, it is difficult to ensure that it can be eaten every time, so in most cases we will store the food directly in the refrigerator. But you will find that it is easy for dogs to eat food stored in the refrigerator. why? According to this situation, what should the pet owner do?


The reason that the refrigerator food causes the dog to diarrhea

The low temperature of the refrigerator can inhibit the growth of bacteria, but it can not kill bacteria, especially in the summer when the bacteria grows actively. If the food in the refrigerator is improperly stored, it will increase the chance of food deterioration and cross-contamination. For example, the famous Listeria is a very powerful psychrophilic bacteria. Eating foods that infect it can easily cause diarrhea in dogs.

Puppies have an immunodeficiency period between three weeks and five months after weaning, which requires extra attention from the owner. Since the puppies' immune system does not mature until one year old, the owner still needs to protect the puppies' immunity after passing through the immunodeficiency period. Do not feed the food from the refrigerator.

Tips for storing dog food in the refrigerator

1. If you are storing cooked dog food, it is best to use a fresh-keeping bag or plastic wrap to put it in the refrigerator, so as to prevent food from getting damp, water and string. Before giving it to the dog, it must be thoroughly heated before eating. Under normal circumstances, heating for more than 5 minutes, the pathogenic bacteria on the food can basically kill. After heating, put it in the dog's exclusive pet bowl, be careful not to feed too much at once.

2. If it is to store the dried meat that has not been eaten last time, it is best to put it in the refrigerator freezer, but the mouth of the bag should not be sealed, and try to eat as soon as possible. Don't give it to the dog right away when you feed it again next time. You should dry it for a while, wait until it is not so cold, then feed it to the dog, or heat it in the oven before giving it to the dog.

3. If you are storing things that you can feed the dog without heating, such as sausages, meat with high moisture content, you must pay attention to the storage time can not exceed two days. And after taking it out of the refrigerator, you should put it in the room temperature for a while before giving it to the dog. Moreover, it is best not to give some dogs with weaker gastrointestinal tract to avoid causing diarrhea in dogs.

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